VP Venkaiah Naidu calls for ‘effective diplomacy’ to create ‘right perception’ about India


New Delhi: Vice President of India Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu today urged the Indian diplomats to ensure ‘effective diplomacy’ in the context of multipolar and fast changing order of international relations to protect national interests. He spoke for about half an hour on ‘’India and the World” when a group of 41 officers of Indian Foreign Service (IFS) of 2017 batch called on him at his residence.

Naidu urged the young diplomats who are going to take up assignments in different countries after training “ To be alert and quick on the grasp to properly calibrate India’s position in the multipolar and ever changing world affairs and effectively leverage India’s core civilizational values and ethos and modern strengths of democracy, economic and other capabilities for collective good. Pro-active and effective diplomacy for advancing national interests in the challenging global environment is the need of the hour”.

Responding to queries from the young diplomats, Shri Naidu acknowledged that for too long, the capacities of and opportunities offered by India have not been properly articulated in the leading and other centres of the world. He said that over the last four years, concerted efforts were being made to address the perception deficit and present India in right perspective across the world, with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi himself leading the charge. He said “Prime Minister is the number one Ambassador of India and you should supplement his efforts by amplifying his vision in different parts of the world”.

Referring to the growing global interest in India, Shri Naidu said “Whatever happens in India these days attracts global interest as we seek to speak for our strengths, our aspirations and the role we can play in furtherance of peace and prosperity for all. You need not be on the defensive. Secularism and peace are in the DNA of our nation. We stand by the principle of One Nation, One Country and One People. Hold your head high and speak for the New India in the making. Project India’s role in today’s world, commensurate with her economic power and it’s ambitions and aspirations within and outside the country”.