WABAG rises during the global pandemic challenge with dedicated operation of WTPs (Water Treatment Plant’s) at Hyderabad

Hyderabad : Amidst COVID health crisis, WABAG ensures uninterrupted supply of clean and safe drinking water for the citizens of Hyderabad for addressing their health and hygiene needs during the lockdown phase through efficient operation of the water treatment plants in the city.

WABAG is currently operating and maintaining “Krishna Drinking Water Supply Project” at Kodandapur, with a capacity of 1230 MLD & “Godavari Drinking Water Supply Project” at Mallaram with a capacity of 735 MLD, which is catering to the drinking water need for over 1 crore people of Hyderabad. The plants also supply water to major industrial areas of the city.

The WABAG COVID Warriors, equipped with enhanced safety measures and adhering to social distancing norms are working round the clock to assure water supply to the city without any disruption.

Appreciating the O&M Teams efforts during the COVID crisis, Mr. Rajneesh Chopra, Global Head – Business Development, said, “We are glad that we could be of assistance to the people of Hyderabad during this time of crisis to ensure access to safe and clean drinking water. As the city is under a complete lockdown due to the health emergency and handwashing has been recommended highly to fight the virus, ensuring health and hygiene for the people through supplying sufficient water has become our topmost priority. Our operations team have been working 24×7 to ensure that continuous water supply is maintained. I would like to express my gratitude to our client Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) for extending their support in procuring necessary permissions to run the plants and also the O&M teams at the plants for their commitment in walking extra miles to meet the water needs of the people during this health crisis.”

This opportunity further testifies WABAG’s high commitment and reliability. With a vision to serve the society with “Sustainable solutions for a better life”, WABAG has been consistently contributing to the water infrastructure of India over two decades. Today, WABAG is operating and maintaining 21 WTPs across all major cities and municipalities in India with a capacity of producing around 5,640 million liters of drinking water every day. The 455 MLD Panjrapur WTP (Mumbai) built by WABAG is one of the largest drinking water treatment plants in India, employing state of the art technologies with a reduced footprint and enhanced efficiency. WABAG’s sustainable solutions ensure water security for millions, which is the backbone to sustaining India’s growth story.

Apart from India, WABAG has ensured efficient operation of its plants to safeguard the supply of this essential resource across various locations and geographies, globally.

WABAG is a global leader in the water sector with presence in four continents and over 30 countries. WABAG’s commitment to develop and improve water and wastewater infrastructure has been demonstrated in Africa, Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, Europe and Latin America. WABAG’s projects facilitate secure access to clean water for a large population and appropriate wastewater treatment for both the municipal and industrial sectors as per established norms.

The company has been a reliable and competent partner to governments and urban local bodies and providing solutions to clean water have been the company’s focus, improving the infrastructure and coming up with alternative sources to support economic development, in line with United Nations SDG 6 of ensuring clean water & sanitation for all by year 2030.

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