Wageningen maintains leading position among Dutch universities

The independent ‘De Keuzegids universiteiten 2021’ (selection guide for Dutch universities) has once again identified Wageningen University & Research as ‘Best University’ in this year’s edition. This news was divulged by the guide, which was released today to help students make the right choice of university. This marks the sixteenth consecutive year that WUR occupies the first place on the list.

Wageningen University scores a total of 73 points, followed by Twente University (68,5 points) and the Open University (67 points). Although the score is one point down from last year, ‘Wageningen once again does not forfeit its first place this year’, according to the Keuzegids.

New calculation
Of the 19 Wageningen Bachelors, nine are awarded the label ‘excellent’ (national total 63). That is six fewer than last year due to the new method of calculating. The National Student Survey (Dutch acronym NSE), in which students assess their curriculum, was cancelled due to the corona crisis. At the same time, additional quality criteria were introduced, among which an increased focus on the success rate of the course. Moreover, expert assessments are no longer included. For this new guide, the editors used data from the 2019 student survey in combination with various new data such as education statistics and accreditation information.

Nine excellent curricula
The best programme of the Netherlands is WUR Plant Sciences. This programme received no less than 95 points. Molecular sciences and Biology (86 points each) were also awarded five stars. Not a single Wageningen programme scores below average. The programmes were rates on curriculum, examinations, quality of the teachers, scientific training, practical focus, achievability, and study facilities such as working spots for students on campus.

Wageningen top programmes (score)
Plant Sciences 95
Biology 86
Molecular Sciences 86
Agro-technology 80
Food technology 78
Business and Consumer Sciences 78
Forest and Nature Management 78
International Land and Water Management 75
Soil, Water and Atmosphere 75
Rector prof. Arthur Mol is delighted that Wageningen has achieved top position fort he sixteenth time. ‘We see that the energy and dedication displayed by teachers, educational support and the general staff bear fruit. This makes us very happy. At the same time, I am aware that this difficult time demands much from our students and staff. They deserve all the merit for their commitment, creativity and resilience.’