Wageningen University: Final enrolment numbers 2021-222: fewer bachelor students, more first-year masters’ students

The 2021-2022 academic year shows a decline in the number of bachelor students enrolled at Wageningen University & Research. This is revealed by the final enrolment data. The number of students to embark on a master’s trajectory is on the rise.

A total of 1451 students enrolled in a bachelor study this year, 192 down from the previous year. The master’s trajectories saw an increase of 77 students, from 2603 last year to 2680 this academic year.

The decline in the number of bachelor students is primarily the result of lower interest in the programmes among Dutch students. The number of international non-EU bachelor students is increasing. There is a tiny decline in the number of EU students.

What precisely causes the decline in bachelor students is being analysed. The increase in the number of first-year bachelor students in Covid-year 2020-2021 (caused by students not taking a gap year) is likely part of the reason for this year’s drop.

After analysis, Wageningen University & Research will consider what adjustments are required in, for example, communications and marketing.

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