Wageningen University: Inspiring contribution WUR to Dutch Design Week 2021

Sustainability by design. On our way towards solving problems and contribute to societal transitions, many WUR study programs, different departments, employees and students have discovered the possibilities of design and use ‘design’ as a tool in their thinking, their research and in practice.

That is the reason why different students and scientists from WUR came together in the Design Research & Innovation Festival DRIVE and Up Close and Personal at Dutch Design Week, last week. Organized by 4TU Design United five days of inspiring activities have been organised, such as hybrid talk shows full of interesting presentations, questions and exhibitions, all together in ‘het Klokgebouw’.

This event zoomed in on design research projects of the four technical universities in the Netherlands and the role design can play in tackling major themes. ‘Design by WUR’ was all over The Dutch Design Week this year.

Watch the recordings
Of course we will not withhold all these inspiring sessions from you. You can watch the DRIVE recordings via the DRIVE rewatch page. And the Up Close & Personal talk shows can be viewed through the e-magazine.

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