Wageningen University & Research: National Growth Fund awards funding to the following WUR and partners’ projects

A total of nine knowledge and innovation programmes in which Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is involved are to receive funding through the National Growth Fund. In some cases, the funding is contingent on particular conditions. This was made public by the commission responsible for the National Growth Fund billions. Through this fund, the government invests a total of 20 billion euros in long-term projects for sustainable economic growth between 2021 and 2025.

NL2120, a large project in which WUR has a founding role, must meet several conditions before it can launch. The precise conditions are, as yet, unclear. Moreover, WUR latches on to three other projects with its own research proposals. These three projects, which have been approved in the National Growth Fund’s second round of funding, are:

Biotech Booster
Green earning potential
NL2120 is a unique collaboration between governments, civic organisations, businesses and knowledge and education institutes that aims to seek natural, practicable solutions together; nature-based solutions. Examples include coastal fortification using sand and sludge (the sand motor, for example), natural flood buffers and smart, green solutions to store water and cool cities.

The integrated approach of the NL2120 project enriches and deepens knowledge and applies general knowledge in a local context by combining practical experience and knowledge development. This knowledge and experience are applied to policy decisions for future-proof spatial planning for the Netherlands. The programme combines a national knowledge programme with practical experience in projects on various soil types, such as elevated sandy soils, peat fields, and urban and coastal areas. The projects deliver the required knowledge on natural solutions, innovative earning models and societal change.

Other projects
Other projects in which WUR is involved are to receive funding based upon more detailed substantiation. These are:

Cellular Agriculture
Sustainable Materials NL
Photon Delta
Future-proof living environment
Working landscapes of the future

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