Wageningen University: The independent Food Systems Summit Dialogues (FSSD): On agricultural innovation and food systems for a climate-smart future

The Independent Food Systems Summit Dialogues (FSSD) are part of the run-up to the UN summit on food systems. This particular dialogue addresses climate adaptation in agriculture, in which a global perspective is crucial. This dialogue serves to prepare for the UN food systems summit, but also for the Summit on Climate- UNFSSS COP26).

This dialogue aims to enrich insights into how food systems can transform towards a climate-proof future. The dialogue builds on the three topics that emerged from three dialogues that took place in January 2021 and were jointly organised by CCAFS, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and the Dutch Ministries of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and of Foreign Affairs:

Climate resilient food systems for Africa: From evidence to action
A virtual dialogue series was held in the lead up to the Climate Adaptation Summit January 2021

The challenges facing the food system, particularly…
This dialogue is to continue in collaboration with FCDO, one of the organisers of the Glasgow climate summit (COP26) planned for later this year.

Senior Researcher Adaptation to Climate Change Annemarie Groot will represent WUR at the roundtable.

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