Wageningen University: TNO and Wageningen University & Research start consortium for 3D foodprinting

We are increasingly aware of the impact that nutrition has on our health. In addition, people react differently to nutrients and foods and each person has their own preferences. This makes it difficult to change a nutrition pattern. The personalization of food by using digital innovations such as 3D-printing is a solution to this, because a high degree of personalization increases the chances of changing habits. Therefore Wageningen University & Research starts the consortium ‘Imagine’ together with GEA Group, SOLIPHARMA B.V., Tate & Lyle, General Mills, Ministerie van Defensie and TNO to develop a flexible food production system using digital processes such as 3D-printing.

Individual dietary recommendations
The system will allow personalized food products to be made at any time, based on individual dietary recommendations. The project focuses firstly on the use of 3D-printed food for performance enhancement in a military environment and secondly looks at the potential of personalized food within a rehabilitation program for COPD patients.

Field Lab study
Both the military and COPD patient groups will be part of a fieldlab study, collecting real-world data over a full year. Ultimately, the fieldlab studies will demonstrate the added value of personalized nutrition and provide valuable insights into how users interact with the system and how they value the resulting products.