Walk for Arcause 3.0: Odisha Walking Studio Unveiled as a Unique Experiential Learning Opportunity


Bhubaneswar: Today marked a significant milestone in the world of architectural education as the Odisha Walking Studio, a groundbreaking initiative, was unveiled. This innovative project is set to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experiential learning opportunity for students and faculty members from collaborating architectural colleges across Odisha.
In collaboration with Ethos Foundation, the Council of Architecture (India), and The Indian Institute of Architects, Odisha Chapter, the Walk for Arcause 3.0 initiative aims to continue the tradition of transformative walking studios. The Odisha Walking Studio, the third installment of this pioneering series, promises to be a unique educational adventure for students and faculty alike.
The flagoff ceremony commenced amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Konark, serving as a symbolic beginning to an extraordinary journey spanning 98.8 kilometers from Konark to Bhubaneswar. Distinguished guests included the Vice Chairperson and Executive Committee of The Indian Institute of Architects Odisha Chapter, faculty members, aspiring students from renowned Schools of Architecture, and numerous esteemed delegates from the architectural community. Along the way, participants will have the opportunity to explore and interact with significant settlements, including the holy city of Puri, the artistic haven of Raghurajpur, the crafts village of Pipili, the historic site of Dhauli, and finally, the ancient city and capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar.
Last year, Gita Balakrishnan, a renowned architect and educator, embarked on remarkable journeys covering thousands of kilometers on foot, all in the name of spreading awareness about the profound impact of good design on people’s lives. Her incredible feats, including a 1700-kilometer trek from Kolkata to New Delhi and a 306-kilometer walk from Kolkata to Dhaka, garnered widespread attention and accolades.
The Odisha Walking Studio is part of project BODH, Building On Design Histories, an initiative by the Ethos Foundation. The project seeks to shine a spotlight on the value of traditional wisdom and skills, promote innovation, and revitalize indigenous architecture and vernacular arts and crafts. It aims to create repositories in various formats—oral, visual, video, and written—to preserve the history of places and people, thus ensuring that heritage and knowledge are passed down to future generations.
The concluding session of this remarkable journey is scheduled to take place in Bhubaneswar at the IIA Odisha Chapter Office on September 24th.