WareIQ launches Fast-Shipping Tag for all Shopify sellers

New Delhi: WareIQ, a new-age company that provides a nationwide fulfillment network enabling online brands in India to offer next-day delivery has launched fast shipping tags for all its Shopify merchants as a complementary feature. This feature adds value to the seamless network that WareIQ has created over time which aims to assist clients in offering same-day or next-day along with hassle-free sales channel management, inventory, warehousing, and courier services for all types of shipments. The fast tag feature will allow the clients to accelerate their sales conversions through transparent shipping timelines.


The processes behind these tags are technical yet uncomplicated. WareIQ’s systems assess the product’s real-time inventory availability and locate the closest warehouse to communicate the quickest shipping timeline across the existing logistics network. The application process for the badges on the merchant’s website has also been designed to be effortless and easy, requiring only a few clicks to complete. With such fast tag badges on their websites, the retailer can now reassure their customer base of an efficient and speedy delivery of their products.


Commenting on the launch, Mr. Harsh Vaidya, Founder and CEO of WareIQ said, “WareIQ has always focused on ensuring online brands can offer Amazon-prime-like experience on their own website. One of the lacking experiences for D2C brands has been around transparency of timelines which platforms like Amazon offers at compelling speed & very high accuracy. With our Fast-Shipping badges, we have witnessed brands registering a boost in sales by upto 40%. We feel this is a baseline feature that all D2C brands should have as a default.”