Watch India’s most popular Influencers Battle it out on MYn’s Clash of The Creators

 Bangalore: MYn, a made-in-India for the world application, aiming to reimagine the social media landscape, presents ‘Clash of the Creators’ – an exclusive series featuring India’s most popular digital content creators engaging in a fun and fierce battle on unique and quirky topics. Each battle focuses on a particular genre, like food, fashion, comedy, etc., with engaging and relatable content for audiences. Clash of the Creators is a signature IP of MYn developed to provide audiences with interesting and appealing content.


The first battle sees creators Manish Bhatia (MB’s Mancave) and Sanjay Ghosh (Cocktails India) flaunt their bartending skills. Sanjay creates a Punjab culture-infused cocktail, Udta Gabru, while Manish crafts a Kolkata culture-infused cocktail, Bapok Old Fashioned. The tandoori flavoured Udta Gabru is crafted with Charcoal, Cinnamon Stick, Whiskey 100 pipers, Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice, Lime Wedge, Ice and Soda, while, Bapok Old Fashioned flaunts the flavour of Bourbon Whiskey, with Rosogolla, Paan Leaves, Areca Nut (Supaari), Meethi Supaari with dash of Angostura Bitters. All MYn users can follow the channel and rate the video of their favourite contender.


Upcoming battles will see Simran Dhingra, a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger (Simran Dhingra), and Keerthi Gehlot, a Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel Blogger (Flashes of My Poise) creating signature looks for the MET Gala if it were to take place in India; and Aariz Saiyed (Aariz) and Neeraj Beniwal (Neeraj Beniwal) will take the internet by storm with their comedy skills.


MYn is a committed endeavour to elevate a consumer’s social media experience. The app is designed to revolutionize the current/modern landscape of social media. MYn follows three core principles of 100% privacy, no advertisements and offers a no-commission system, which allows content creators to monetize their content the way they want to (coming soon) and post their content in whatever format they choose. Promising digital safety, the company has activated a 24×7 content & application moderation system.


Mr. Abhisyant Anasapurapu, Head of Marketing, Multi-Verse Technologies, said, “MYn’s goal as the next-generation social media app is to empower content creators, allow them to fully realize their creative potential and to create interest-based content that resonates well with audiences. By bringing together India’s top content creators on one platform, this battle series aims to engage Indian consumers by creating interesting content that they will have access to only on our app. Providing a non-intrusive online space for social interaction & content creation, we are looking forward to an encouraging consumer response. Kudos to the team for creating this exclusive series.”


He further added, “We will be dropping more interesting content on MYn over the next couple of months, so users can look forward to a rich selection of quirky, fun and informative campaigns.”


MYn App is available for download on App Store and Google Play and also offers a secure, internal communication and collaborative system for enterprises and businesses. If an enterprise or business is keen on creating their work persona (MYwork) on MYn, they can reach out to the team at [email protected].

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