Water Sustainability Awards: A TERI-IWA initiative to celebrate efforts towards achievement of SDG on Clean Water and Sanitation

New Delhi: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in partnership with International Water Association (IWA) has announced Water Sustainability Awards aiming to celebrate efforts towards water conservation. The Awards aim to recognise exceptional efforts undertaken by individuals, self-help organizations, industries, municipal boards, gram panchayats, resident welfare associations and NGOs towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to water. It is important to note that under the various SDGs formulated by the United Nations, great emphasis has been laid on goals related to water.

Water is crucial for the country’s economy as well as for its food and energy security. In this regard, the purpose of the Water Sustainability Awards will be to encourage all the new technologies, ideas, methods, services, products and experiments that have helped in reducing water mismanagement while simultaneously promoting its sustainable use. The awards will be given under eight different categories including those on water accessibility, sanitation, treatment, management and innovative technologies. Any Indian citizen or any organisation registered in India can apply for the awards after submitting the application fee. Winners for the awards under these various categories would be decided by an evaluation committee (jury) consisting of a diverse group of esteemed professionals with long-standing experience in the water sector. The committee will assess applications based on their relevance and impact, specificity, best practices, and alignment with national and international goals.

Starting Date for Applications: 15 April 2021
Closing Date for Applications: 30 June 2021
Announcement of Winners: 01 November 2021
Award Ceremony: 26 November 2021

Categories for the Water Sustainability Awards:
1. Water for all
2. Sanitation for all
3. Wastewater Treatment and Safe Reuse
4. Excellence in Water Use Efficiency
5. Excellence in Participatory Water Management
6. Protect and Restore Community Water Structures
7. Promoting Water Cooperation
8. Innovation in Water Technology

To apply and know more about the Water Sustainability Awards, head to the organisation’s website by clicking on Water Sustainability Awards or https://wsa.teriin.org/

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