Ways to improve the efficacy of online teaching

As the world suffers from a global pandemic, almost everything has transitioned from physical to online. Students no longer go to school. Instead, they learn right in the comfort of their through online teaching. There’s a concern about the efficacy of online teaching. Will students be able to learn from online teaching? How effective is online teaching?


A study conducted by MIT’s Sloan School of Management used tools and methods from the gaming world to significantly improve student engagement and efficacy of online teaching. Some of the teaching tools highlighted include strong lecture narratives, offering constant streams of lectures through various forms of media, and effective communication and joint action.

The current pandemic that the world is experiencing right now has taken everyone aback. All sectors are affected, including education. However, no matter how dreadful COVID-19 is, education shouldn’t stop. Fortunately, we are now in the internet world, paving the way to online learning or distance learning. The gaming industry, such as online casino platforms like 1xbet is a great way to emulate online teaching. If you noticed, players are deeply engaged in the game because of the methods and tools used by online gaming platforms. If the same tools and strategies are used in online teaching, students will surely find online learning interesting and less boring.

There are four key elements necessary for maximizing student engagement during online learning includes the following:

  • Narrative – When conducting online, there should be an engaging narrative consists of a storyline and theme. Some teachers used video game themes for their class, especially in difficult subjects like statistics, chemistry, and physics. It would take a lot of work on the part of the teaching community, but it will certainly increase the entertainment and learning value.
  • The continuous flow of action – There should be a continuous flow of action, especially in sound and visual. It should be done even before the classes start. We’re all aware of how boring online class could be, especially early in the morning. To perk up the students and keep them engaged even before the classes start, teachers can use upbeat music. Once the classes start, teachers can develop activities every a few minutes to keep the students fully engaged with the lesson.
  • High production quality – When it comes to presenting the lesson, the teacher should be creative to present the lesson in an entertaining way. Effective online teaching uses professional lighting and high-quality input devices to create rich and engaging presentations, which will surely catch students’ attention and make learning all the more effective.
  • Two-way communication – Teachers should give their students opportunities for two-way communication. That way, students will not just viewers but participants too. Having an interaction makes the learning all the more easy and engaging. There are various functions in Zoom you can take advantage of, such as the raise hand function, chat window, surveys, breakout session, and polls, to name a few.

The strategies used by the gaming industry can be instrumental to the success of online education. If the gaming industry was able to keep the players engaged through their tools and strategies, the online teaching sector could do it too. It would take some tweaking with the teaching strategy and overall concept of lessons, but it will be worth it. If there is one good thing that pandemic caused, it shows how resilient and resourceful people are. Just because we are in the global health phenomenon does not mean learning has to stop. The internet world has made everything possible, especially interactive learning using tools and strategies used by online gaming sectors.


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