We have to rewrite the history of India with real history: Dr. Raj Vedam, Co-founder of the think-tank, Indian History Awareness and Research, USA

Hyderabad: Dr. Raj Vedam, co-founder of the think-tank, Indian History Awareness and Research, USA, gave a talk on the topic ‘Ancient India: What our history texts do not teach us’ here at CCRT Regional Centre, Hyderabad on Friday, which continued late into the night.

The talk was organised by Saranga as part of Saranga Talks initiative, a platform for intellectual discussions in support with Rashtram, Samskruti Foundation and Global Illumine. About 150 people attended the event and listened to Dr. Raj Vedam in awe as he presented various studies and papers that debunked the popular narrative that India is a young civilisation.

Speaking at the event Dr. Raj said that the average Indian is at a loss to explain who they are! As they find difficulty in conceiving the enormous timeline of our ancestors. India is an ancient civilization but it has been removed from the conscience of our country.

Five forces allied against Indian history and diluted it viz. Colonial, Euro-centric, vested interests, Liberal academia bias and Marxists. Different forces had different reasons like the Colonial historians wanted to stick to the biblical timeline and ignored enormous timeline of India, Dr. Raj said. According to them India is a young civilisation and Greeks bought civilisation to India. But it is wrong, he said.

Most of us are disconnected with our ancestry. India Astronomy is not taken into account when viewing our history. There is a lot of historical events recorded as pet astronomical data in our ancient texts like Vedas, Mahabharata, etc. Our ancestors have been observing the sky and the movement of the celestial bodies long before and passed on the information through vocal traditions. Observations have been made even before they were written down in the ancient texts.

Our ancestors used stories to pass on the knowledge and wisdom. For example we have the story of Chandra (Moon) marrying the 27 daughters of King Daksha. The story was designed as a powerful way of teaching. The 27 daughters are the nakshatras and the story goes that Chandra favoured Rohini more than his other wives. This is a astronomical observation that has been observed and presented as an interesting story. To someone who is not looking for such data all this is just a story or myth. Such wisdom is encoded in our ancient texts such as Vedas, Mahabharata, etc. It is a tragedy that we don’t understand our roots, Dr. Raj lamented.

The present Indian history begins with the Indus civilization dated to 4,000 years ago. This is because according to colonial writers and their biblical belief, nothing can be more older than 4,000 years. Originally our history books were written by colonial missionary Europeans. Now it is controlled by Marxist historians.

Genetic study proves that human beings from Africa migrated to India before 70,000 years. But we have archaeological findings that are dated much older. The Aryan Invasion Theory has been dismissed by genetic studies.

A study of the history of India done by analysing genetics, astronomical dating, along with evidence of knowledge transfers from India to other cultures, will present a compelling case for our history dating back several thousands of years prior to what is being attributed to by historians.

The Aryan Invasion Theory continues to dominate the mainstream narrative. We have to rewrite the history of India, presenting the real history.

Dr. Raj Vedam, MSEE, PhDEE, works at the confluence of applied mathematics, engineering, algorithms, and computer science. Using tools of Archeo-Genetics, archeo- astronomy and archaeology, and evidence of knowledge transfers from ancient India, the speaker has put forward a strong thesis with verifiable facts, on the antiquity of the Indian Civilisation, and the many discoveries made by the ancients.