We read the runes of the epic “Kalevala”

In Segezha, a meeting of the participants of the republican online contest “Reading the runes of the Kalevala epic” took place.
The meeting took place in the reading room of the children’s and youth department of the Segezha library, in the poetry club “Revelation”.

Elena Yurievna Guseva, director of the PetrSU Interdistrict Resource Center in Segezha, thanked the club members, poets who devote their free time to love poetry, write poetry, publish books, are published in the media and participate in various competitions. Elena Yurievna presented a letter of thanks to the head of the poetry club “Revelation” Lyudmila Stepanovna Anufrieva, who took part in the online competition “Reading the runes of the epic” Kalevala “in the nomination” Runes in the Karelian language (Livvik dialect, actually the Karelian dialect) “, organized by the Department of the Baltic Finnish philology of the Institute of Philology of PetrSU, the Scientific Library of PetrSU, the primary trade union organization of PetrSU students for the Year of Karelian Runes and the day before the Day of Karelian and Vepsian Writing.

In addition, E.Yu. Guseva with the members of the poetry club discussed the results of the poetry event “Poetry Evening in Segezha” I love you, Karelia! ”

The poems of the poets of the Revelation club Alla Roshchina and Svetlana Dengina sounded as a tribute to the memory of Konstantin Pavlovich Ryazanov – a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, a labor veteran, a wonderful person, poet and writer, his life and creative path, a person who gave his inspiration to many Segezha poets.

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