Web Conference Series on ‘Trends in Nanotechnology’


Aligarh : Subject experts discussed trends in nanotechnology and their mass applications that are likely to have great impact in industry, medicine, new computing systems and sustainability in the first colloquium of the International web conference series on ‘Trends in Nanotechnology’ of the Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). Vice Chancellor, Prof Tariq Mansoor inaugurated the programme.

Prof Anil K Pradhan (Ohio State University, USA) presented a computational and theoretical investigation into alternative X-ray sources and their interactions with heavy element materials for improving radiation therapy and diagnostics (theranostics).

He was delivering a talk on ‘Novel X-ray Radio Sensitization of High-Z Nanomoieties for Cancer Theragnostic’.

Giving ideas on ‘Site-Specific Targeting of Molecular Zip Codes for Targeted Drug Delivery’, Dr Sajid Hussain (Co-founder, AivoCode Inc, California, USA) discussed targeted drug delivery in the treatment of Cancer.

Prof Asadullah Khan (Interdisciplinary Biotechnology Unit, AMU) spoke on ‘CRISPR Vs Biofilm: A Future Battle Ground of Infection’ and outlined the causes and treatment of various deadly infections.

Dr Snober S Mir (Integral University, Lucknow) spoke about her research on ‘Proteinopathies: Fundamental Disease Biology and Targeted Therapeutics’.

Dr Mohd Zainuddin (Director, Biology General, Jubilant Therapeutics) delineated ‘drug discovery and development’ and the use of nanotechnology in the medicine field.

Prof Farukh Arjmand (Department of Chemistry, AMU) delivered a talk on ‘Metallo-Drug Entities Induce a Potent Cytotoxic Effect on Resistant Cancerous Strains: Structural and Biological Insights’.

She further spoke about her research contribution to cancer treatment studies.

Prof Absar Ahmad (Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre, AMU) discussed ‘Biosynthesis of Nanoparticles for Efficient Use in Healthcare, Energy and Environment’ with an overview of his research on Nanotechnology.

Prof Farhan Jalees Ahmad (Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi) presented a talk on ‘Nanotechnology Applications in Phytoconstituent Potential’.

He also spoke on the preparation of herbal nano-emulsions and their applications in therapeutics.

Prof Adil Mardinoglu (Kings College London, UK) elaborated the use of system biology approach in treatment of diseases with theoretical modulations.

Dr Mohammad Azhar Aziz (Director, Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre, AMU) spoke on the ‘Precision and Personalized Medicine through Cancer Nanotechnology’ and discussed the ways through which health care providers can plan specific care for patients.

Dr Swaleha gave the closing remarks and Dr Rayees ul Islam (Programme Moderator) extended the vote of thanks.



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