Web Talk on Technology Trends and Industry Expectations


Aligarh : Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) alumnus and Senior Director in the Enterprise Architecture division of the London-UK based travel management platform, CWT, Mohammad Sajid outlined the new technology trends and digital breakthroughs helping to build better businesses and societies.

He was delivering a web talk on ‘Technology Trends and Industry Expectations’ of the Department of Computer Science.

“We will continue to see an accelerated rate of digitization of business and society. The most important trends in the years to come are likely to focus around the convergence of technology trends”, said Sajid.

He added, “We have entered in the area of where new innovations will get increasingly dependent on artificial intelligence (AI) and generally machine learning algorithms”.

“The broad trend for technology and industry encompasses AI, the internet of things (IoT), and newly emerging super-fast networks, all of which are coming together to augment us with capabilities we did not have just a few years ago. This highlights the fact that on a longer timescale than the one we are specifically looking at here, the most impactful trend of all will be convergence”, emphasised Sajid while giving insights on the changing IT industry.

He shared tips on how students can prepare themselves for lucrative placements in the IT sector.

In the welcome address, Prof Aasim Zafar (Chairperson, Department of Computer Science) pressed the need for more such web talks to mentor students.

Dr Arman Rasool Faridi introduced the speaker and later extended the vote of thanks.