Webinar at Lancaster University (UK)

Students of the master’s program “Innovative technologies in the management of the social sphere” under the guidance of Associate Professor of the Department of Sociology and Social Work, Ph.D. Yu.A. Petrovskaya took part in a webinar organized by the Center for Research and Examination of Higher Education (CHERE LU).
The event is dedicated to the practices of cooperation of the European Union with Brazil, China and Russia. Within the framework of the webinar, a presentation of the collective monograph “Building cooperation in higher education with the EU: Challenges and opportunities of four continents” took place.

Speakers from different countries (England, USA, Finland, Russia, Brazil) spoke about educational policy, internationalization processes, prospects for increasing the value of education at the global level.

The growing demand for higher education, undoubtedly, prompts us to work on the quality of the educational process, to develop effective mechanisms of action, participating in collaboration and exchange of experience with other countries.

Only through international cooperation, mutual respect and an objective analysis of the current processes taking place in the field of higher education can effective local and global results be achieved,

– the participants of the meeting consider.

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