Webinar held on Abaqus software


ALIGARH : The Mechanical Engineering Section, University Polytechnic, Aligarh Muslim University organized a one-day Webinar on “Introduction and Hands-On Practice of CAE Package: Abaqus Software”.

In his presidential address, Prof Parvez Mustajab, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, emphasized the endeavors of the Government of India in engineering area and the need to train the faculty members in various computational techniques like ABAQUS, ANSYSY, ADINA, CATIA, etc.

Prof Arshad Umar, Principal, University Polytechnic highlighted the importance of computational techniques for finding solutions to various complex engineering problems using ABAQUS effectively and efficiently. He also encouraged the participants to apply their technical know-how in during this webinar.

Dr Sanan H Khan (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UAE University) discussed the topic, “Introduction to Abaqus: A finite element tool” with standard examples including simple tension test, impact of projectile on a composites, Hook’s law, etc. He specially discussed the problem of a simply supported beam with point load and analyzed the results such as central deflection, Von-Misses stresses, normal stresses, etc.

In his lecture on “Fracture mechanics using ABAQUS CAE”, Dr Azhar Jamil (Department of Mechanical Engineering, AMU) explained the basics of fracture mechanics, which is a matter of serious concern with regard to the propagation of cracks in materials. He explained both the analytical and numerical methods of fracture modeling and also highlighted J-integral technique to calculate the strain energy release rate in materials. He elaborated the problem of double cantilever beam (DCB) using Abaqus software in hands-on training session.

Earlier, Dr Shujaat Yar Khan, Convener of the FDP, welcomed the guests and presented detailed introduction to the webinar. Dr Wasif Ullah Khan, Dr Syed Imran Shafiq and Mr Mirza Shariq Beg are the coordinators of the webinar. Mr Mirza S Beg proposed a vote of thanks.

More than 300 participations from different parts of the world, including those from the Dubai Design Industry (Dubai), Jamia polytechnic, Mewat Engineering College, Jamia Hamdard University, Aliah University (Kolkata), United Institute of Technology (Allahabad), MMANTC College, (Nasik), VCTM (Aligarh), etc attended the webinar.


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