Webinar on ‘Role of Youth in Nation Building’

Aligarh : The youth play a vital role in building social cohesion, economic prosperity and political stability in a nation and that too in an inclusive and democratic way, said Prof Anil Rai, Dean, International Relations (Social Science and Humanities), University of Delhi.

He was speaking in the national webinar on ‘Role of Youth in Nation Building’ of the Department of Hindi, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Prof Anil stressed that the involvement of youth in the nation building process is a must as they play one of the most important roles. Hence, the young are ultimately the social actors of change and process.

He urged the young to have a passionate attachment towards moral values and national pride.

“To ensure participation of the youth in national development, young people should be encouraged and supported. Providing quality education, employment opportunities and empowerment to the youth are key factors in achieving progress and development of the nation,” said Prof Anil.

Prof Harishankar Mishra (Lucknow University) spoke on the importance of National identity and why it is necessary for the young to have a strong sense of belonging to the nation.

He stressed the young to build national identities around liberal and democratic values, and around the shared experiences of diverse communities.

Presiding over the program, Prof Ramesh Chandra (Chairman, Department of Hindi, AMU) said that the programme is being organised in the light of views expressed by the President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind, which he made in the gathering of all Vice Chancellors of Central universities. In the meeting, the President spoke about motivating the youth for developing an understanding of the cultural heritage and national memorials for nation building.

Prof Ramesh emphasised that today’s youth need to be motivated for the country and society in a very systematic manner. It is the responsibility of all of us to play leading roles in the welfare of the country.

Prof Abdul Aleem highlighted the features of the new education system and welcomed the step of imparting primary education in the mother tongue.

Prof Arif Nazir spoke on the teachings of the epic Indian tale of Mahabharata.

He said that the legendary tale continues to find prominence in our lives. It is necessary to understand the teachings and philosophies of Mahabharata to bring about the awakening of the youth.

Prof Arif further said that the philosophy behind Panchatantra can motivate us to protect the environment and develop respect for the laws of nature.

Conducting the program, Prof Shambhunath Tiwari (Webinar Coordinator) pointed out the necessity of the grooming of youth by the elderly. If the elderly continue to share their life experiences with the young, it will enable the younger generation to reach new heights.

MA (Hindi) students, Ashraf and Kulsoom Shamim delivered short speeches on environment protection and the rich spiritual power of India.

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