“Week of the Vepsian language” took place in the Republic of Karelia

Teachers and students of the Department of Baltic-Finnish Philology became active participants and organizers of events within the framework of the “Vepsian Language Week” campaign, which took place from November 16 to 22.

This action has already become traditional, but for the first time it was completely online. This format helped to unite Vepsians not only from Petrozavodsk, but also from other regions.

Throughout the week, the group of the KROO “Society of Vepsian Culture” published information about the Vepsian language, its culture and study at schools and the university. 

As part of the action, the game Ičemoi vänd was held, organized by students and teachers of the Department of Baltic-Finnish Philology of Petrozavodsk State University. The participants of the game were able to test their knowledge of culture, language, folklore and traditional Vepsian cuisine. The questions were divided into topics and difficulty levels. Students and adults from Petrozavodsk and the Leningrad Region took part in the game. The game contributed to the popularization of the Vepsians and their culture among the participants. 

Also, Olga Zhukova, a teacher of the Department of Baltic-Finnish Philology, prepared a video lecture about the Vepsian language, where she spoke in detail about the stages of the Vepsian language formation, its dialects and features. 

The event was organized by the Resource Media Center of Karelians, Vepsians and Finns with the participation of PetrSU, the Institute of Language, Literature and History of the KarRC RAS, the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National Archives of the Republic of Kazakhstan, KROO “Society of Vepsian Culture” and “Vepsän vezad”.