Weikfield launches Immunity Boosting range of Herbal Infusions and Organic Green Teas


Weikfield announced the launch of Herbal Infusions and Organic Green Teas under the Eco Valley division.

Understanding the consumer need for health, wellness and a desire for immunity boosting consumables, Weikfield has launched the range of Herbal Infusions made of traditional ayurvedic formulations inspired by the directives of The Ministry of AYUSH. Comprising two products: Divya Kawach and Pahadi Kahwa, the infusions are made with ayurvedic herbs such as Tulsi, Sunthi, Cinnamon and Black Pepper. The herbal infusions offer a strong defense against respiratory illnesses, flus and are rich in antioxidants.

Besides the Herbal Infusions, Weikfield has also relaunched the Organic Green Tea range comprising five products: Classic Green, Divine Tulsi, Ginger Mulethi Lemon, Sunny Lemony and Dandelion Mint. It overrides the biggest barrier for switching to green tea – “bitterness” which comes from the catechins present in the green tea leaf. This was made possible by sourcing organic tea leaves from select tea estates in the Nilgiris and creating a formulation which retains all the health benefits while making the tea taste smooth, not bitter. This range is also aligned to the brand’s vision of being environmentally conscious with sustainable tea cultivation practices.

Talking about the new launch Mr. D S Sachdeva, CEO, Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd. said, “While Weikfield plays a role in making everyday moments special, Eco Valley will become the health partner for our consumers who seek beverages which offer health benefits. We are confident of our unique proposition and the category building stance in the Herbal Infusions and Organic Tea segment.”

Talking about the new packaging Sachith S S – Founder / Director, TDP said, “One of the most consumed beverages in the world after water, Tea is almost synonymous with Indian culture and forms a part of our everyday consumption. Amid the variety of competitors – ranging from legacy to new-age boutique brands, Weikfield wanted to rebrand its Eco Valley range of teas and herbal infusions.

Our starting point was to understand the world of the green tea consumer, one who is conscious of one’s diet & lifestyle. A stark difference from the people who drink black & milk tea. Moreover, the fast-growing concept of tea bars and cafés has led to the premiumization of green tea in the last few years.

This category landscape gave us ample creative freedom to push the design boundaries. We took these learnings forward to develop a concept of ‘abundance of ingredients’, depicted in a contemporary manner. We created a strict architecture, with the colours and ingredients changing with the variant, while maintaining the format and flow of information.

Great flavour with natural ingredients is the key element in all the Eco Valley products. The compositions and illustrations of each ingredient were carefully crafted to bring out its goodness and essence. We built a consistent narrative of the many health benefits like antioxidants and anti-ageing properties that green tea is associated with.

The results are beautiful-looking packs that will compel the consumer to pick one right off the shelf. We are thrilled with the output and are excited to see how the consumers react to the design.”

The products can be purchased in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad on leading e-commerce and retail shops.