West Bengal COVID Help Desk: Bridge between the Needy and the Needs

Kolkata: India has been hit by an unprecedented wave of COVID-19, with the number of affected & deaths skyrocketing simultaneously.

To battle this pandemic, some students have come together to launch an initiative titled ‘COVID Help Desk’, under the leadership of Trinamool Congress spokesperson Sudip Raha. From providing contact numbers of ambulance providers to oxygen suppliers, or food home deliverers for COVID affected families, or roping in doctors for being free telemedicine advisors, this initiative has been in the spotlight throughout Bengal, with many celebrities coming forward to endorse & amplify it.

Now, team COVID Help desk, has launched a website specially designed to address all the problems faced by the people from every corner of Bengal.


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The website is url-ed at: www.wbcovidhelpdesk.com


This website will give an easy access to people who are searching for leads for of various essential services.


The website enables everyone to easily check live bed availability, ambulance services, availability of vaccines, and oxygen cylinders. It has provisions for food delivery personnel as well as safe homes. It will have details regarding blood banks, district administration numbers, and help to find rapid Covid testing centres, covid tracker and telemedicine.


They have added a special feature where any user can provide with leads through a form which will be available on the website and it will be verified by the team and will be listed on the website.

On the website, they have also added a ‘Swasthyasathi Complaint Form’ where anyone can launch a complaint about hospitals or nursing homes if Swasthyasathi cards are not accepted. The team will look into it and get back to the person as soon as possible.


For the last 15 days, till the launch of the website, COVID Help Desk has dealt with numerous cases with various problems swiftly and enthusiastically day and night, with a success rate of 85.20%. Till now, 2500 cases have been solved by the students. The team consists of almost 500 members from different districts of Bengal and they are relentlessly working for the initiative.


A member of the COVID Help Desk said, “Through the website, we only hope to reach out to people and help them in this time of need. Covid Help Desk’s only aim is to stand as the best bridge between the needy and the needs.”