Westland Books acquires Neha Kirpal and Dr Nandini Murali’s latest book Mental Health: Lived Experiences of Resilience and Hope

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, Westland Books is pleased to announce the acquisition of Mental Health: Lived Experiences of Resilience and Hope by Neha Kirpal and Dr Nandini Murali. The book is about reclaiming and mainstreaming mental health narratives through the lens of lived experiences of women from across urban India.

The many stories in the book address the stigma, shame, secrecy and silence around mental health, offering reflective and informed perspectives, especially to those going through similar experiences either personally or witnessing it within their families and organisations. They also raise community awareness about the diversity and commonalities of people’s experiences with mental health concerns; nurturing empathy, and support.

Women sharing their stories in the book range across cities, age groups and even professional and cultural contexts, offering deep insights through their lived experiences with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, addictions, eating disorders, PTSD, suicide loss and adverse traumas.

Talking about the book, author Neha Kirpal said, “There’s no better way for people to understand how to support those struggling with mental health challenges, than to hear first-person stories of ‘experts by experience’. From the wisdom of our lived experiences, we can draw tremendous courage, inspiration and lasting hope.”

Dr Nandini Murali added, “Lived experience narratives can heal, empower, transform and radically humanise society. However, lived experience expertise is more than just sharing stories.  It involves a nuanced ability to harness our unique insights, perspectives and wisdom, to create lived experience informed and inclusive spaces.”