WeWork’s ‘#PrideStreetofWe’ Campaign Stands in Solidarity with LGBTQIA+ Community During the Pandemic

In the midst of a global pandemic, as the nation stays indoors, practices social distancing and embraces a new normal, members of WeWork India were determined to show solidarity and stand with the LGBTQIA+ community across the country, even if it means from a distance. To continue celebrations despite the current ‘stay at home’ situation, WeWork India launched an initiative, known as ‘#PrideStreetofWe.’ The campaign,  designed and executed by Digitas, aims to move the on-ground experience of a celebratory parade online through a special microsite. Through this campaign, WeWork embodies the spirit of what would normally be a bustling month lined with innumerable  parades, activities, events and the coming together of people across genders in support of the highly marginalized LGBTQIA+ community.

The microsite resembles an urban street and successfully mimics the feel of marching at a parade. #PrideStreetofWe,’ provides a platform for members of WeWork and the LGBTQAI+ community, and beyond, to share stories, demonstrate support and highlight challenges faced by the community in India.

Speaking on this campaign and on WeWork’s culture of diversity and inclusion, Vineet Singh, Group CMO, Embassy Group said, “At WeWork, the ethos of our organization is one of inclusion, and creating a sense of belonging. It certainly does not change based on who you are or who you love. We believe that personal growth of an individual is interlinked to being in a more diverse, inclusive and aware environment and having an open outlook, and WeWork India is committed to support its community in making this happen. In this time of isolation, the community at WeWork aims to ensure LGBTQIA+ employees and members feel far from distanced. This microsite is our small way of showing love and support as we are extremely passionate about educating and creating safe spaces for everyone. This platform will help people feel empowered and motivate them to share their stories and experiences to help lift one another up.”

The #PrideStreetofWe microsite works in tandem with Pride month which celebrates the community across the month of June and beyond. Last year too, as a gesture to extend support and revel in the celebrations, WeWork India had changed the color of their logo on the building facades at three key locations to reflect the pride colours of the rainbow that reflect diversity, inclusion and acceptance. Additionally, to demonstrate their commitment to inclusion and holistic development, WeWork will be extending the scope of the INR 30K personal growth credits it offers employees to include seminars, support groups and workshops that lend knowledge towards the LGBTQIA+ as well as other communities in the future.

Elaborating on WeWork’s vision for this campaign, Unny Radhakrishnan, CEO, Digitas India says, “WeWork is a modern brand and lives by values like diversity and inclusion. During Pride month, WeWork wanted to communicate that it stands by the community. Given the lockdown situation and movement restrictions, this simple idea of a virtual pride parade, enables the WeWork community to come together and celebrate.”

The campaign also features a film that sheds light on inclusivity in the workspace which will soon go live on WeWork India’s social media handles. The campaign, which began on June 15th, will run till June 30th.

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