What Makes Online Solitaire a Game Changer

Classic solitaire card games have been one of the most tangible forms of entertainment across the world. After physical card games came Microsoft’s digital solitaire, and the game changed, quite literally. Either it was the only game you played on your Windows 95 and you are left in a state of ambivalent nostalgia, or you were completely addicted to the game and likely still are.


People love the element of surprise and how the game is for everyone. A leading solitaire gaming app called Solitaire Gold has given an interesting twist to the traditional game and offers it as a multiplayer online game. Even if one does not know how to play free solitaire, they can easily learn to play the game with the help of the easy-to-understand tutorial available on the app. Multiplayer and head-to-head contests make the virtual game highly entertaining. With an app like this, it has become easier to have entertainment as well as win real cash in the process. All you need to do is go for a solitaire download on your mobile and install the app and sign up, which is very easy.


Here’s everything about your favourite card game available online.


Multiplayer format

We all remember how computer free solitaire  became fairly boring after a while. Well, that is not a compulsion anymore with apps like Solitaire Gold. There is a multiplayer format available where you can play an exciting game with real players nationwide. Amazing concepts, smooth gameplay and ingenious graphics combine to give you the gaming experience.


Legality and safety

Indian law safeguards this online game as a skill game. The Supreme Court has promulgated that playing a game of skill for real money, as well as for free, is legal. The apex court has defined a game of skill as a game that has a predominance of skill as a deciding factor of the outcome. To play a skill game, the player learns, practices and refines the art of playing. It is considered a business activity and income tax is levied over winnings of ₹10,000 or more in a single game or tournament. Apps like Solitaire Gold have a Fair Play Policy, which prevents people from colluding or cheating. You require practice and skill as well as strategy to win. An excellent way to work your way up is to practice with the free games readily available for everyone.


Learning ladder

Unlike the offline and inconvenient mode of playing, especially when you are a newbie, Solitaire Gold provides each player with equal opportunities. Free games are easily available for everyone to participate in and win. You can easily practice beforehand and test your skills before you play for real stakes and prizes. The game is precise and straightforward and there is no scope for confusion or arguments. We all can agree on how playing with real minds is a thrilling experience rather than competing with bots. There are Leagues or tournaments to provide you with a higher level of competition. It is established that all players who join a contest at the same table get exactly the same set of cards so that everyone has a fair chance to win.


Easy accessibility

According to Statista, the online gaming industry is expected to be worth over ₹122 billion by 2022, indicating an astounding growth of 43%. With technology growing boundlessly, the online gaming sector has now become a huge opportunity. The smartphone penetration has marked the beginning of new-age gaming platforms. This in turn has made the transition of a desktop game into something accessible from anywhere anytime. Accessibility is key to the growing popularity of the game.


You are provided with a platform where you can choose to play anytime or anywhere. The traditional roots of the game stay intact with an added luxury of availability. The rapid growth  suggests the future is bright.


Better gaming experience

With the advent of digitalization, a seamless interface and a consumer-based approach, online games are attracting millions of people, young and old alike. Gaming has developed a new conscience in people where ages are just numbers and exploring new digital playgrounds is second nature. This is the space you tap into when you join online solitaire. Expect your grey matter to be tickled the right way and you might even end up winning real cash if you play your game right. You can carry the package of entertainment in your pocket and engage in nail-biting games of solitaire anytime you like.



Online solitaire gaming is a great source of entertainment and platforms like Solitaire Gold add to its merit. Entertaining yourself with an acquired skill has never been this easy and fun. It has raised the competition and projected itself as a pioneer in card gaming mobile apps. Time management and decision-making skills are key to success in the online version. Foolproof safety features make the game absolutely safe. Whether you want to relive the 90s or polish your solitaire skills, you are just a click away.

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