What to Expect in Trading Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a new and exciting field that is constantly evolving. If you’re thinking about trading cryptocurrency, it’s essential to understand what you expect from the experience. We will discuss some things you can expect when trading in cryptocurrency. We’ll cover topics such as price fluctuations, volatility, and how to stay safe while trading. By understanding these concepts, you’ll be able to enter the cryptocurrency market confidently.

1. Cryptocurrency is Volatile


Price Fluctuations Are Par for the Course in Cryptocurrency Trading. If you’ve heard stories of early investors in Bitcoin making a healthy return on their initial investment, it’s true! Many people do very well trading cryptocurrency. It is important to note that this does not mean everyone will be successful in trading. However, if you understand the common pitfalls and risks of cryptocurrency trading, you will have a better chance of succeeding as a trader.

Price fluctuations are a necessary evil in the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency is volatile by design, which means that prices can change quickly and dramatically at any time. This volatility is one of the main things that bring speculators to the market. If you are interested in trading cryptocurrency, it’s essential to learn crypto and how price fluctuations will affect your trades and where you can expect to find support during times of volatility.

2. Price Support and Resistance Levels are Critical Factors When Trading Cryptocurrency

Price Support and Resistance are Critical! When examining a new cryptocurrency, the first step is to identify the current price and corresponding support and resistance levels.

Price Resistance: A ceiling in the price of a stock or commodity below that does not fall under pressure from downward forces. If you’ve heard “support” and “resistance” before, they are used in much the same way when trading cryptocurrency.

Price Support: A floor in the price of a stock or commodity above does not rise when under pressure from upward forces. When you are day trading, support and resistance levels can help determine entry and exit points for your trades. Setting price targets can help you stay on track after identifying critical support and resistance levels in the price; day traders often put a targeted range to help them stay on track with their trades.

Setting a target enables you to plan out where you expect the cryptocurrency to be when it is time for you to exit your trade. This can help prevent false breakouts and keep you from getting shaken out of a good business.

3. Cryptocurrency is Global, but Local Regulations May Apply

Cryptocurrency trading is a global phenomenon, with Bitcoin being the flagship cryptocurrency and other currencies following closely behind. There are over 600 tradable cryptocurrencies that you can invest in right now! However, even though cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency, it’s essential to know your local laws before getting started.

Cryptocurrency is still a relatively new financial technology, and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of trading. However, it’s essential to be aware of any laws or regulations that might apply to you as a trader or investor before getting started. This will help keep you safe and avoid scams and bad players within the market.

Avoid the Top Five Cryptocurrency Trading Mistakes

Cryptocurrency trading can be a lucrative venture, but it is also dangerous. If you want to maximize your profits and avoid costly mistakes, you need to be aware of the most common errors traders make.

1. Trading without a Clear Entry Strategy


When you enter a trade, there is always a reason for it. When you buy bitcoin because you think its price will increase shortly, that’s called a trade idea or an investment thesis. Without having one of these, your trades are essentially random bets. Sure, they might work sometimes, but your success rate will be much lower than it could or should be.

Instead of making blind bets, you need to research and develop a strategy for entering the market. One popular method is dollar-cost averaging: instead of investing your entire budget in one go, split your funds into smaller portions and support them over time. This way, you buy bitcoin when the price dips, and you can afford to.

2. Not Having a Safety Net in Place before Entering a Trade

There is no perfect strategy that will allow you to avoid every single mistake, but there are some guidelines that most professionals use (and beginners should too). One of these rules is to have an emergency fund ready so that you can cut your losses with no questions asked.

This rule is significant for day traders who open and close positions multiple times per day. They are always in the game, and their mistakes can be much more costly than position traders. Having a safety net ensures that you will not lose money on an unexpected turn of events so that you can stay in the game longer.

3. Not Knowing When to Make a Profit

If you enter a trade with the right strategy and everything goes according to plan, your goal should be to exit with profits. If you are not looking to make money on your investment, then why enter the market in the first place? It is best to always look for setups that allow you to profit to maximize yield.

4. Not Knowing When to Exit a Trade

Just as important as knowing when to take profit is knowing when to cut your losses. If you misjudge a trade and it goes against your strategy, then you need to exit as soon as possible before the failure gets even more significant. For example, if you bought bitcoin because you thought its price would go up, but instead it goes down, you would exit the market as soon as possible.

Of course, this is much easier said than done. Many traders will not be able to exit the market at the right time because emotions or second thoughts overcome them. To avoid that, you can use a predetermined stop-loss order to cut your losses when things go wrong.


There are no perfect strategies for cryptocurrency trading, but you should be much more successful than the average trader if you follow these rules. If you are looking for even more in-depth cryptocurrency trading strategies, then check out this page that we put together to help beginner traders get started with their investment journeys.

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