Whatfix Launches Digital Adoption Solutions for Desktop and Mobile Applications to Accelerate Enterprise Wide Adoption of Multi-Platform Applications 

New Delhi: Whatfix, the leader in Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS), today announced the launch of two new solutions, Whatfix for Desktop and Whatfix for Mobile, to help accelerate and drive the adoption of desktop and mobile applications. Enterprises that use a combination of web, desktop and mobile applications can now deploy Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Solutions and leverage the unified digital adoption experience to improve employee productivity and maximize the return on their technology investments.

Desktop applications continue to hold a niche in enterprises today alongside their SaaS counterparts. Privacy, security, connectivity and performance considerations make desktop applications a valuable component of the enterprise IT infrastructure, even as SaaS applications remain popular. In addition, with the explosive growth of BYOD policies and new ways of working including the remote workforce, support for mobile applications has become a key component for the success of an organizations’ digital transformation.

“While we are witnessing a golden age of SaaS evolution and growth, desktop and mobile applications will continue to gain traction and support critical workflows and processes. In order for digital transformation to be truly successful, a vision that encompasses the strengths of all these platforms is needed,” said Khadim Batti, CEO and co-founder of Whatfix. “Whatfix for Desktop and Mobile applications reflects our understanding of the challenges IT and transformation leaders face. We have seen incredible reception and success among our early adopter customers who were excited to replicate their successful SaaS digital adoption strategies across other platforms. As the future of work continues to evolve, we are perfectly positioned to help our customers navigate and thrive in the new landscape.”

Whatfix for Desktop and Whatfix for Mobile will feature signature Whatfix capabilities such as step-by-step guidance, rich media elements such as text, images and knowledge base links, automation, and self-help that are already present for web applications. Whatfix for Desktop is currently available for applications that have support for accessibility in Windows 10, such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. Whatfix for Mobile is available for custom native applications on iOS and Android. With Whatfix for Desktop and Mobile, application and IT leaders can aim for unified end user digital experiences, and lower application support time and costs as key milestones in their digital transformation journey.




“Whatfix has allowed us to free up our development and design resources by customizing and designing our Partner Management Portal, making it easier for our partners to navigate and use,” said Ben Reinhardt, Product Owner of Smartbox. “Through Whatfix’s digital guidance solution, we’re able to receive detailed analytics we could not capture on our own and publish urgent messages to suppliers. This frees up time for our development team to focus on other important tasks. The support we receive from their team has also been second to none, almost like they’re an extension of our own team.”