Bengaluru: Whitecaps international School of Pastry announces one month cake engineering course starting January 6th 2020.

Themed and Speciality Cakes were once reserved only for special occasions. Fortunately, times have changed, and custom cakes of every shape and design have become the centre of every celebration. Be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or surprising a loved one, beautiful decorative cakes have become a primary choice.

Find your creative baking voice through our Cake Engineering Programme. Encompassing Cake Artistry in its Classic and Modern form, this comprehensive programme is designed to provide you a solid foundation in this high-growing area of baking. Whether you are an existing baker, or a complete novice, the programme is outlined to match everyone’s needs.

Learn to create mesmerizing Themed Cake which hold a traditional tone, or fashionable Topical Cake for someone’s valentine. Whitecaps’s Cake Engineering Programme will equip you to craft your unique Cake Art journey, and be of great success in your choice of profession.

Those who desire at making careers in baking and master it must look at this seriously. Some choose the profession as a hobby they too can look at professional guidance. The students are trained under global chefs and with hands on training under expert guidance to get delicious results.

Till date 112 students have successfully completed the course and this is the 12th batch of this course.

Ved Kiran Founder of Whitecaps says that, “we are so happy to see that each session we are rolling out many successful candidates in the space and this is an indication that industries need expert talent”.