WhiteHat Jr collaborates with Code.org® to bolster its proprietary coding curriculum


Mumbai : WhiteHat Jr, India’s leading EdTech company known for delivering live online classes in Coding & Math, has signed an agreement with Code.org®, a global computer science education non-profit, with an aim to enhance WhiteHat Jr’s proprietary coding course.

The relationship enables WhiteHat Jr to customize its curriculum based on the suite of offerings from Code.org®, including the use of App Lab, Sprite Lab, and Game Lab for WhiteHat Jr students. WhiteHat Jr’s exclusive activity-based coding course, developed by a team of industry experts, educators, and engineers, leverages activities from multiple providers, including Code.org.

“This agreement supports WhiteHat Jr in integrating Code.org’s content and tools into their online tutoring service, enabling students around the world to learn this foundational subject,” said Hadi Partovi, founder and CEO of Code.org. “For parents who want to give their students extra educational value above and beyond the resources on our website, the agreement enables WhiteHat Jr to offer premium 1:1 tutoring from their 11,000 teachers using Code.org content,” he added.

Karan Bajaj, Founder & CEO, WhiteHat Jr, said, “Our product continues to evolve on a consistent basis with a special effort being put on our class experience and curriculum. This effort will get a major boost in innovation with the multi-year collaboration with Code.org.”

Along with Code.org, WhiteHat Jr leverages multiple platforms to deliver its unique curriculum and class experience, including Thunkable, p5.js, Google Colab, Google Dialog Flow, Tensor Flow, Visual Studio Code, Codepen.io, Expo and Jupyter Notebook, etc.


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