Why and How To Get A Microsoft Azure Certification

In the last few years, the IT industry has witnessed a significant shift in the way computers interact. Cloud computing has been adopted by many businesses on a very large scale. If you are looking to advance your career and learn more about this rapidly rising technology, getting a Microsoft Azure certification is the most important initial step.

Cloud computing is a technology that facilitates instant sharing of resources, allowing universal access to information very easily. Thanks to this technology users and businesses now use third party data centres to store and process their data. It is highly cost effective as it helps companies save huge bucks on creating and maintaining IT infrastructure.

Why Microsoft Azure?

  • Azure is the second largest cloud service provider in the world. On signing up, it also allows you to access and manage various other services that Microsoft offers.
  • According to reports by Microsoft, over 1000 new customers sign up to Microsoft Azure every day. That means a whopping 3,65,000 new companies adopt MS Azure every year. With this monumental rise in the use of cloud computing, the demand for skilled professionals has also shot up.
  • Over 57% of Fortune 500 companies use MS Azure today.
  • Microsoft’s cloud technology generates over $6.3 billion per year, an increase of 104% in Microsoft’s revenue.

Why Get a Microsoft Azure Certification?

  1. Career Growth:

Getting any sort of certification shows your current and potential employer that you are keen on advancing your existing skills. According to Business Wire, you receive at least a 20-40% hike in payment after getting a certification.

If you’ve always wanted to work in a Fortune 500 company, getting a Microsoft Azure training could be the opening you need.

  1. Flexibility:

If you are looking for flexibility in your career, a Microsoft Azure certification is the answer. It prepares you for a career in cloud computing, but also helps you if you are looking to pursue other roles like cloud developer, security engineer, AI engineer, and solutions architect, among others.

Not just roles, you also get to choose your industry. MS Azure is used in many industries like banking, healthcare, education and hospitality. You can choose whichever field you’re interested in, or if you’re looking to switch industries you also have the flexibility to do that.

  1. Get certified without taking a break:

With a growing number of online platforms offering Microsoft certifications you don’t need to take a break to switch or advance your career. But the challenge is to find a credible and useful website and instructor. Koenig is an online platform that is also a Microsoft Gold Partner and has trained over 10000 MS Azure professionals in just the past 6 months. Their one-on-one teaching allows you to make your own training schedule and comes with an exam pass guarantee. 

  1. Prove your credentials:

Azure training certification is proof of your skills as a professional. It looks great on your resume and you stand out among the other candidates who have only undertaken traditional college degrees in the past. It shows that you are eager to keep learning and growing and will add value to the company that hires you.

  1. Easy to learn and adapt:

Microsoft holds the majority of the PC market share. This means almost everyone who uses a computer is familiar with the UX and interface of a Microsoft system. This effectively makes MS Azure much faster to learn and easier to use than any other cloud computing software. For example, Azure Automation and Operational Insights are easier to learn for those who have worked with Microsoft’s tools in the past.

  1. Better integration with .NET

.NET is a free cross-platform open source developer platform created by Microsoft. It is one of the world’s most widely used programming platforms and is very easily integrated with Azure and also has an easily accessible support team and user community in case you get stuck somewhere. This also makes it easier to create applications and deploy them on Azure cloud services.

How To Get An Azure Training Certification?

There are 3 main certifications you can choose from:

Azure Solution Architect (AZ-300 and AZ-301): This course teaches students to create and run apps, configure the necessary infrastructure, design the data platform and cloud solutions and a lot more.

  1. Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-100 and AZ-101): In this course, students majorly learn how to implement storage, migrate services, and manage resources and subscriptions.
  2. Azure Developer Associate (AZ-203): This is a combination of AZ-200 and AZ201t, and is for candidates who are skilled in Azure Cognitive Services, cloud security and storage and other skills. It is the perfect course for experienced programmers looking to advance their careers.

The developer community will grow 10x with the rapid adoption of cloud storage. A Microsoft Azure training will make sure your career keeps progressing.