Why Education and Training is so important during this period

The year 2020 cannot be easily forgotten in the annals of history because of the effects of the corona virus. Indeed, the Covid-19 virus has disrupted a lot of economic, educational, and financial planning across the world. In India, it has claimed lots of lives and retrench good jobs. Lots of citizens from Bombay to Goa, Sikkim, Bengal, and Nagaland, everyone is feeling the heat. The most unfortunate effects were the millions of lives this dreaded virus took and it is still unabated. However, like all pandemic and disasters, humans will have to bounce back to survive. Millions of companies have gone under, putting many Indians out of jobs. For those still alive now, the question is how do we move one and survive the economic implications of covid?

The importance of training and education cannot be waved aside during and after this Coronavirus pandemic because it is an important way that we can survive and get back some things we have lost. This pandemic has shown how ineffective and inadequate our health, financial and economic industries are and how fragile most institutions are too. None of these industries was prepared for what befell them. However, good training and education can fill the voids created by this pandemic of we are ready to dig deep and persevere in these dire times.

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Pressures placed on citizens and various families by governments and monopolistic firms have been a huge burden to all. Some European countries like France, have, however, created several good avenues to pay citizens for regular pieces of training and education that can solve most of their problems. The future of the world lies in how we can adapt and use online learning and different digital learning solutions to improve our lives. We will be discussing this and many more in this in-depth article about why education and training are important during this period.

Where the World is going in India and All Over the World

The effect of the Coronavirus has made a huge impact in India and on a global scale. There have been influences on economic activities which resulted in great loss for the global community in a short while.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world and some noticed changes include less consumption of products: this pandemic has made individuals shun buying consumables. There is less money to spend in the country, therefore people have chosen to manage resources.

The Rough Transition

All this does not augur well for traders and businessmen as they ran into millions of losses.

Less economic growth: The Covid-19 pandemic has shrunk lots of world economies including India. The ministry in charge of finance and industry recently announced that the economy has shrunk to 8%.

Environmental effect: The environment has also been affected due to this pandemic. We see fewer emissions from factories due to industries closing. The air has also become clearer due to less transport and fewer machine operations.

Inflation: Most countries have entered what will be their worst inflation ever realized. This has made food stuff more expensive and there is less money to pay for the few scarce resources.

Education stagnation: The effects of coronavirus in education worldwide cannot be quantitatively seen. Schools have been shut for months, while students stay at home doing nothing. This also has a cascading effect on teachers who can’t seem to do research bringing out brain drain.

Aviation turmoil: The aviation industry has taken a big hit during these trying times. A very pivotal industry that affects every sector of the economy. Countries that depend sorely on imports and exports suffered greatly.

Sectors that Benefitted From the Pandemic

Despite these few mitigating effects, there are some few silver linings:

Demand for medical equipment has increased: Health companies and medical industries have never had it so good, there has been a surge in the procurement of medical equipment and drugs. Aside from consumable goods, the greatest beneficiary of this COVID is health workers and pharmaceutical companies.

Demands for health practitioners: Like all countries, India has seen an increase in employment opportunities for health personnel, they are the front-line workers and all countries want medical workers. Aside from just recruiting more of them, their salaries, commissions, and incentives have been increased greatly.

However, not everyone has the benefits of this time, as most citizens of India are in a state of helplessness and despair. The only way out for these individuals is good education and training which will help their financial status.

What is the Next Action Step?

Even for those in medical lines, there is a constant need to train and educate them on how to use this medical protection equipment and usage of drugs. Those not involved in health need training and education for various reasons like:

Financial education: Management of scarce resources. This is a must for everybody in these tough times as people need to be trained on how to manage money and limit their extravagant lifestyles.

Cultural integration: There is a need for individuals to integrate among one another to be able to weather this pandemic storm.

Health amenities usage: Using medical supplies and equipment is crucial to individuals’ survival. Learning, training, and education cannot be waved aside.

Better salaries: It is not a secret that the wages of citizens have been slashed or removed entirely. People are not working for less or nothing due to this pandemic. Training and educations can change this situation.

Stay relevant: Being cut off is not an easy scenario to take. However, non-health workers need to be trained regularly to stay relevant in the scheme of things. No one needs to be stagnant and with the training, you will be in touch with the latest skills in town.

Mental sanity: Interaction is underrated, people need the training to test their mental sanity and if they are still useful to society. Training and education gage your intellect and lets you know your weakness and strengths.

Why Training and Education are Important in this Context?

Training and education are paramount in this context because humans need to adapt and sustain their lives. People who have rejected change and regular educational training have remained stagnant in their endeavors.

Companies even encourage staff to go for a regular training to improve their technical knowledge. In 2019, about 20 m rupees were spent by Indian organizations on foreign training and the empowerment of their workers. The case of Covid-19 brings about another new facet of training. However, why exactly do people need education and training?

Financial stability: The world we live in now is all about who has money and who can get his needs. Everybody needs to be financially stable to take care of their wants and family.

Job opportunities: Covid-19 have closed a lot of job opportunities and made. Many citizens have become jobless, however, as one door closes, another opens. An influx of several job opportunities will be open for people who do constant training. Factories, farms, and big organizations are now recruiting people who have trained better during this period.

Better productivity: Firms will be able to produce more with better trained personnel. A good education will upgrade people learning ability and this will trickle down to more and better productivity for the firm.

Better skilled workforce: Companies are constantly looking for highly skilled professionals. The only way you can be qualified for this is to revive good education and training. A lot of people lose their jobs because they have refused to refine their skills and qualifications. There is more to being employed than just certification, you need regular training to be useful.

Having better bargaining advantage: Staff can now have a better advantage to bargain with companies and the government. Education and training will give one an ample advantage and the necessary edge to make better wage demands.

Having positive self-esteem: Excellent training and education will improve your self-sense and esteem. A recent study at the University of Malmo, states that pieces of training and education give individuals a sense of worth, which makes them look at life in a more positive way.

Some Other Reasons

Aside from these apparent benefits, we shouldn’t ignore employment regulations. The government of the day has to remove irregularities that have to categorize employment in this country. There are certain monetary regulations that affect employment possibilities in India, these and many more have to be attended to in India. We need to also eradicate tax pressures on citizens in these tough times. The government and state legislatures must make laws that lesson tax on under-employed and unemployed citizens.

A good example of a country that gives tax incentives is France which sponsors people who are interested in training during the lockdown. Romain Rissoan, an accomplished consultant at Optedif training and coaching confirms that there has been certain assistance the French government has made towards education and training in the country.

Online Education and Training Is Definitely the Future

No one really knows what will happen in the future, however, it will do everybody good to always think ahead and stay informed. The idea of traditional and physical training has been phased-out gradually. The future is now online training and electronic means of learning. The emergence of COVID has encouraged humans to try to survive will less human contact. In spite of the emergence of new technologies, skeptics are still having misgivings about online training and e-learning.

The Reason People Are Skeptical

Slow network: Skeptics say unless internet access is faster and reliable, then we can’t enjoy online learning. They opined that 5G should be introduced to all regions to foster a better connection.

Safety reason: It was also suggested that online learning does not guarantee safety and data security. People say that electronic learning could provide avenues for hackers and dubious people to steal information.

Motivation: Online learning is said to reduce individuals’ motivation to learn better. They opined that it makes people lazy and not serious.

Computer literacy: Unless everyone is computer-literate, then what is the use of the advantage of using e-learning. Apart from some western nations, there are still individuals who don’t know how to use computers. How will these people use digital learning?

Time management: People are also worried that there won’t be enough time management with all these struggles for e-learning. Too many distractions at home will also not make this alternative means of learning easy.

Reduce productivity: it has been argued that using e-learning can affect individuals in production. The reason is that people who learn remotely are not properly informed as they do not have time to be immense in the program.

Distant Learning Solutions Available


There are various solutions and avenues for training and using the internet. You could also get many online programs and courses online via the following method:

Synchronous digital learning: This type of learning involves real-time education between students and their instructors using various equipment like PC and internet-enabled devices. Optédif Training is a good example. Forms of learning to use this online learning to include webinars, virtual classes, media conferences chat, and instant messengers.Â

Asynchronous digital learning: This method involves using prepared digital forms where the instructors and students are not online to interconnect to one another. Examples include e-books, blogs DVDs, and discussion forums.


What are the benefits of online education and training?


Using electronic means of training has its pros which include;



Mitigating human contact: The most potent way to avoid Coronavirus is social distancing. This is where the usefulness of using online learning comes to play. There is no need for contact at all to learn.

Reduces road accidents: Yearly, it has been reported that thousand die due to accidents they when going to work. However, when online learning takes place, there will be fewer people on the road, which will drastically reduce accidents and death.

Create more employment opportunities: Online learning will guarantee more job opportunities for people with the necessary skills who want to work remotely. Also, you can apply for jobs across continents and countries without the need for visas and other impediments.

Stay updated and current: Online learning solutions give one the capacity to be updated with news available around the world and current with the latest skills. You stay one step ahead of your peers and colleagues.

Education and training play a pivotal role in the development of people, especially in these times of pandemic. It will be in your interest to embrace online learning in order to improve your skills and get better opportunities. The government should also not fail to help individuals who wish to embrace this means of training by relieving tax pressures on citizens.

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