Why Expats Need a Free Trial VPN

There’s a plethora of VPN providers out there, each trying to outdo the competition with their own take on the formula. This makes it harder for people to choose when it’s time to commit to a subscription. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel pressured to do so. Plenty of expats recommend taking advantage of VPN free trials and here’s why.

Watch Geo-Restricted Content with No Limits

Other than the actual trial limit, you don’t have to worry about your streaming experience suffering the usual constraints of a “free” VPN. No data caps, no bandwidth throttling, and you get a fully unlocked, world-spanning server network to avoid overcrowding.

More importantly, free trial VPNs actually work on Netflix, Hulu, and other region-restricted platforms. If you weren’t aware, Netflix bans VPNs and that pretty much applies to every other content provider out there. Their usual method is to gather VPN IP ranges (with the help of services like MaxMind) and blacklist them. Naturally, it’s easier to do so with free providers. As a result, you rarely (if ever) find free VPNs that can unblock streaming services.

Premium VPNs have the necessary funds to renew IPs for their subscribers, and fortunately that includes free trial users. If you’re just travelling for a couple of weeks, you can potentially chain several free trials from different providers. Relax with a couple of your favorite shows when you get back to your hotel room, and think about which VPN is worth subscribing to later on.

Try Multiple VPNs without Paying a Cent

That’s the beauty of a free trial – quite a few VPNs let you try out the full range of their services without so much as asking for your payment details. All you have to lose is the couple of minutes it takes to sign up and download their app on your platform of choice.

If you do run into any providers that ask for payment info to activate the trial, be sure to cancel before the trial period expires. Unless you plan on continuing with their service, that is. Otherwise, you may end up charged for a full month’s subscription.

Luckily, most VPNs have 30 day money-back guarantees in place for just such situations, plus helpful customer support to make the process go smoothly. Money can be an issue when you’re an expat, so the last thing you need is an accidental purchase you can’t go back on.

Never Worry About Security Threats

We’re not talking about keeping your data secure from hackers on public Wi-Fi or anything of the sort. Even free VPNs can provide a certain degree of security in those scenarios, if properly vetted. Instead, we’re referring to the security risks associated with most free VPNs, such as:

  • Having your browsing and location data harvested and sold off to advertisers, going against the main purpose of a VPN – i.e. keeping your data secure.
  • Worse yet, your data could be leaked online, and this goes well beyond just browsing activity. Your payment data, real addresses, emails, and other sensitive info are at risk.
  • Malware infections are also a frequent threat when it comes to free VPNs. Researchers have identified malicious code in nearly 40% of all free Android VPNs on the Play Store, for example.

Another issue is having ads injected into your browser, though that’s more of an annoyance than a huge security problem. It’s still worth keeping in mind, though. Thankfully, all of these worries just disappear if you go with a trusty free trial VPN instead.

Not sure which provider is worth it at the moment? Head over to the link right at the start of the article and find several cool options. Yes, including a few which don’t ask for payment details.