WIC India, Dehradun Organised ‘Ajiib Dastan Hai Ye’


Dehradun : WIC India in association with Wings Cultural Society organised ‘Ajiib Dastan Hai Ye’,a dramatic performance of two unique stories – ‘Marhoom ki Yaad Mein’ and ‘Bey’ directed by Tarique Hameed. Acclaimed author and writer Mr. Atul Sharma was the Chief Guest.


‘Marhoom ki Yaad Mein’ is Patras Bokhari’s most famous essay from his sole masterpiece Patras ke Mazameen. it is a story of a cycle that Patra’s buys from his friend Mirza. It is arguably the funniest story ever written in Urdu.Tarique Hameed performed this story. ‘Bey’ is a short story written by Shaukat Thanvi. It is said by the astrologer to the protagonist that the reason for your death would be a word starting from the second letter of the urdu alphabet ‘bey’, that is ‘b’ in english and ‘ब’ in hindi. The protagonist must be cautious of all things which start from the letter “bey” to stay alive. This story was performed by Rajguru Mohan.


Commenting on the occasion Tarique Hameed, Founder and Director, Wings Cultural Society said, ” I am elated to perform in front of a live audience at WIC India. I hope that the hard work mine and my team have put in is well received by the audience. I look forward for more such performances at WIC India.”


The performance was attended by 85 people including Mr. Sachin Upadhyay, MD, Mr. Ankit Aggrawal, Director, WIC India, Dehradun, Mr.Shivanku Bhatt, Former Mr India Worldwide 2014, Ms. Vasundhara Negi, NSD alumna; Technical officers FEOM and DRDO and faculty members from Graphic Era.



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