Wiggles.in and Pet Practitioners Association of Mumbai step up their commitment towards pets and community animals

Mumbai: Award-winning petcare start-up Wiggles.in offering innovative pet products continues to add value and open the platform for new ideation in the petcare industry.

‘Joining Hands’ an initiative, powered by Wiggles.in in collaboration with Pet Practitioners Association of Mumbai (PPAM) was held on 27th March in Mumbai. The initiative encourages open dialogue between veterinarians to work towards the betterment of pets and community animals and exchange knowledge while growing hand in hand together. Its vision is to explore the latest veterinary practices that will benefit the future of veterinary medicine and elevate the lifespan of animals by including new technologies.

Backed by a scientific approach to solving problems and with support from leading veterinarians across India, Wiggles and PPAM will now be able to step up its commitment to serving pets across the country. PPAM is the largest association of leading veterinarians across the country and is a trendsetter in arranging awareness programs, seminars and knowledge sharing programs to add value, knowledge and clinical ability to every pet practitioner. While being a registered trust for the pet and the veterinary fraternity it is the only organization in India that works to elevate pet medicine and its use.

Dr. Dhananjay Bapat, President, PPAM, a renowned, practicing vet with a rich experience of over 24+ years was quoted saying, “We always want quality products that are made in India. Wiggles is focused on supreme quality and has developed highly palatable cat food Kittibles, apart from their pet food range for dogs which is also highly balanced and nutritious. Their products are unique and superb while their pharma range is economical and effective. Ms. Anushka Iyer, being a pet parent herself, knows the importance of a complete range of petcare. We are happy to extend our full support to her and hope she continues striving towards the betterment of pets and community animals.”

Dr. Makarand Chavan, Secretary, PPAM & WSAVA Representative said, “Wiggles.in and PPAM held a very promising initiative, ‘Joining Hands.’ The guest speakers, Dr. Rajiv Gaikwad, HOD of Veterinary Medicine, Mumbai Veterinary College spoke on the management of epilepsy and levetiracetam and Dr. Chandrakant Galdhar, Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Mumbai Veterinary College spoke on the use of doramectin for small animals. The topics were clinically relevant and this was a very good session to upgrade our skills and knowledge for day-to-day clinical practice. We were very happy to look at the bouquet of products and upcoming plans from Wiggles.in.”

Dr. Anil Vade, Treasurer, PPAM, said, “Wiggles.in’s ‘Joining Hands’ alliance is definitely a boost to the petcare fraternity and small animal veterinarians. We are happy to be a part of this initiative.”

Dr. Jairam Ramani, MC Member, PPAM & FASAVA Representative added, “Joining Hands is an excellent initiative by Wiggles. Wiggles.in led by Ms. Anushka Iyer is the new veterinary pharmaceutical company to watch out for. Wiggles.in has an excellent portfolio of a wide range of products tailor-made to suit the needs of the small animal veterinarian.”

Dr. Hitesh Swali, MC member, PPAM said, “The ‘Joining Hands’ initiative started by the young and dynamic Team Wiggles headed by the enterprising Anushka Iyer is a good step towards a brighter future between the veterinarian and the company.”

Adding to the conversation, Anushka Iyer, Founder and CEO at Wiggles.in said, “Solving problems and addressing the needs of pets and pet parents has always been a priority for us at Wiggles. ‘Joining Hands’ is an initiative that brings veterinarians together to open dialogue on exploring new technologies to elevate the future of pet medicine. We will continue to work closely with all stakeholders to ensure pets are provided the necessary care they require through this initiative.”

The initiative was a resounding success and received an overwhelming response from the Mumbai veterinary community. The audience participated with enthusiasm and there was a considerable exchange of knowledge. The intent is clear, the dialogue will continue to build a healthier and safer future for pets and community animals.

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