Wildlife Department celebrates 11th anniversary of Tree talk campaign at Manda, Jammu


JAMMU : Department of Wildlife Protection today celebrated the 11th anniversary of Tree Talk Campaign here at Manda, Jammu. Tree talk campaign was started by O.P. Sharma Vidhyarthi on this day eleven years back.

On this occasion, the 11th anniversary milestone was unveiled by Suresh Kumar Gupta, PCCF/Chief Wildlife Warden, J&K. 11 plants of various species were planted during the event at Manda Mini Zoo. Various enthusiasts at setup stalls showcasing biodiversity with respect to trees, herbs, wood, climbers, wild fruits and food items prepared from parts of wild plants. The Regional Institute of Ayurveda had also set up stalls showing various publications and products made for treatment of various diseases.

O.P. Sharma held a tree talk on the occasion, giving details of various plants in the Manda and plant samples and parts brought by participants from various places. Participants were given food items like teas of Parijat flowers and Kakao bark, Pickles, Ladoos, Halwa, Roties and Curries made from parts of different wild plants.

Suresh Kumar Gupta, PCCF/Chief Wildlife Warden, J&K speaking on the occasion highlighted the importance of biodiversity conservation and its uniqueness in J&K. He applauded the role of O.P. Sharma Vidhyarthi in raising awareness among masses through tree talk campaign of which 1165th session was held during the event. He appealed to the society to associate with this campaign aimed at raising awareness about nature conservation and traditional values and culture.

Samvedna gave a powerpoint presentation on medicinal plants, Tasleema Sheikh presented details about butterfly biodiversity in J&K and O.P. Sharma also gave a powerpoint presentation about sacred groves in J&K.

S.C. Sharma (Retd Chief Conservator of Forests) spoke about the need for involvement of youth in the conservation campaign. On the occasion, certificates of appreciation were distributed among participants who made remarkable contributions in biodiversity conservation and awareness creation.

The programme was conducted by Anil Atri, Wildlife Warden, Jammu. The participants included students, youth, teachers, professors, research scholars, retired officers, nature enthusiasts, persons dealing with Ayurveda, visitors of Manda Zoo and forestry trainees.