William Penn Launches the Legends by Pennline

Mumbai: William Penn has come up with Pennline launches which host the diversified collection of pens. Inspired with the righteousness of legend Pennline has launched Atlas, Hercules and Carina collection with a perfect combination of refinement and practicality. The lacquer used in the trio collection adds luxurious sheen to the brass body of the pen. You won’t deny looking different, in the modern world of luxury to step out with the exclusive Pennline collection. The magnificent collection of Ball Pen and Roller Ball Pen can be transformed into a personalized pen or the company logo which can be a perfect personal and corporate gift. The trio collection is exclusively available at William Penn stores across India, price ranging from Rs 995/- to Rs 1950/-.
Atlas collection is designed especially for practical and modest chap. It can be your strength as well as a good companion. Atlas has profiled design to comfortably fit in your hand. With its perfection, it is balanced in weight and puts you at ease for daily use. The appearance of the pen is fragile and glossy but it’s indissoluble. It writes flawlessly on the sheet. Hercules collection stands out with its name as well as its masculine and sparkling look. Hercules collection stands for the symbol of self-confidence courage and style. To energies, your strength, the glossy black lacquer with chrome trim ball pen and roller ball pen fits perfectly in your pocket. Carina collection defines you. You can portray your dreamy imaginative ideas with Carina. The portrayer of your precious dreams has a stunning look to grab your attention. A rare combination of black lacquer, palladium and gold plated trims makes it a winner all the way. Coalesced elements of the pen are specially designed for go-getters.