WIMWIsure launches AI-enabled bot to help with vaccination slots and plasma donors


Mumbai : Making it easier for citizens to get notification on availability of vaccination slot and plasma donors, Insurtech WIMWIsure has launched a messaging bot on popular messaging platform WhatsApp. Citizens can simply drop a text on the number along with their pin code and age and be notified as soon as slot is available at a nearby centre following which the user can book the slot on COWIN website. The facility is also available for registration and instant notification on availability of plasma donors in respective pin code area.

Considering that citizens are experiencing several challenges in finding slots at inoculation centres as well as getting matching plasma donors, the start-up, which provides on demand video inspection for insurable assets, has integrated its conversational AI technology with available Open APIs, to trigger notifications through Whatsapp. The team is also working on other areas of coordination for COVID-19 resources by mitigating the demand supply gap for real-time availability.

The AI-enabled chatbot is making the process fast and efficient by taking away the need to keep an incessant watch on the official website or mobile application. This is particularly challenging for less tech-savvy, elderly, and the poor, who are often not comfortable operating the portal or application but are fluent with WhatsApp as a messaging platform. Currently users from more than 800 PIN codes are using the platform with over 1 Lakh interactions.

WIMWIsure Founder & CEO Ravinder Kumar said, “The second wave of the pandemic has majorly impacted our country and overwhelmed our healthcare system. Finding vaccination slots or plasma donors is extremely crucial in the fight against COVID-19 and increasingly difficult as well. This user-friendly service will simplify searching for availability for vaccines, as well as locate plasma donors at the click of a finger. We appeal to people, who have recovered from COVID-19 to come forward, and register through a simple WhatsApp message and help save lives.”