WinZO introduces 10 new games on its platform ahead of Diwali

Hyderabad: WinZO Games, a vernacular social gaming platform, today announced the addition of 10 new arcade games to its existing portfolio of 30+ games on the platform, now offering more than 40+ games to users in various formats.

WinZO is creating an online experience of Arcade Gaming for Tier II/III audience who may not have access to offline arcade gaming experience which are available in malls in metros. The platform has added popular titles like Metro Surfer, Stupid Birds, Car Racing, Space Hunter, Bear Run, Howzzat, Fly Balloon and Rummy, aims to add another 10 games in the coming months.

WinZO also launched a special feature; WinZO Social- an initiative to build community of casual gamers. WinZO Social can help connect nearby players, top players by their performance and creating gaming challenges amongst random players. The idea is to give the players not just gaming experience, but a sense of belongingness. Apart from challenging friends, WinZO Social has its indigenous chat with audio video capability. This AI enabled initiative will help WinZO to curate personalized gaming experience for each user.

Mr. Paavan Nanda, Cofounder, WinZO Games, said: “It is really exciting times for Mobile gaming industry in India. The industry is evolving everyday working to build a more conducive mobile gaming ecosystem and changing the entertainment landscape, it is no surprise that the gaming space is getting increased attention and investment, not just from within the industry, but more recently from traditional financial markets and even governments.”

He further added: “WinZO’s social multi-player skill gaming platform clocked 50 million gaming minutes every day and has been able to successfully monetize this engagement. The company is growing 50% month on month. On one hand, large OTTs platforms are struggling to monetize in India, but WinZO is facilitating the first-ever M&E transactions from the T2/T3 audiences.”

WinZO games crossed the 10 million install base mark in less than a year, the platform recorded more than 2 million account linkage on the platform, with an average user making 20-25 micro transactions per month on the platform. The platform is reaching to the masses with its unique multilingual gaming app; currently the users can play games in 10 languages with Punjabi and Bhojpuri being the latest ones. WinZO plan to introduce 6 more languages within this year.

WinZO is designed to solve the monetization issue in the Indian gaming ecosystem, which experiences one of the highest engagements globally. According to a report by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) there were 451 million monthly active internet users at end of financial year 2019, with users spending over 40-50 minutes daily playing games on their smartphones as per a recent KPMG report. These users hardly make any in-app purchases and advertisement revenues for some of these Digital Assets are abysmally low vis-a-vis some of its global counterparts.

Increasing mobile penetration and high usage has led to a surge in mobile gaming in India. The average mobile device user spends 3-4 hours every day watching OTT, playing games and music or on online shopping. Mobile gaming, however, is the fastest-growing source of entertainment for Indian users. This upsurge will create immense opportunities in the gaming ecosystem, employment generation, entertainment, engagement, and market growth.