With 2000 plus women, eMaester becomes India’s first EdTech start-up to have a full women workforce

Mumbai: eMaester has become India’s first certification program to have an all-women squad. With a focus on upskilling and teaching a skill that will be in high demand in the future, eMaester aims at providing employment opportunities to millions of previously employed and unemployed women in India offering a definite career path as a teacher within the comfort of their home.

According to data provided by NSSO and World Bank, fewer women are working now, and those who are, work long hours for low pay, data from India’s latest official employment survey show. India is amongst the top ten countries that have a low female labour participation rate, ranking just above Egypt.

India’s female Labour Force Participation Rate (LFPR)—the share of working-age women who report either being employed or being available for work—has fallen to a historic low.

The LFPR (Female Labour Force Participation Rate) fell by at least seven percentage points for every age bracket between 30-50 as well. The decline was highest among women aged 35-39 years (LFPR for this age bracket fell 9 percentage points to 33.5%). Among women in the prime working ages of 30-50, more than two in three women are not in the workforce, with the majority of them reporting that they are “attending to domestic duties only”.

Flexibility at the workplace, social and family considerations are amongst the top reasons for a lot of working women in India who find it difficult to balance their work and family life. While a lot of companies have started integrating flexibility into their HR policies, the practice is still at a nascent stage.

Ufaber’s eMaester is built around the core concept of providing flexibility to women, so they can effortlessly juggle between their professional and personal life. Certified eMaester trainers get guaranteed teach-from-home opportunities, a steady career progression and a consistent higher income earning opportunity. An emaster starts as a trainer and can progress to roles such as Curriculum Managers. In a month, Trainers earn anywhere between 15k to 35k .

Maester training program trains in varied and diverse domains. Certification programs are available for IELTS, UPSC, k12 education and STEM skills. The program is designed to upskill trainers at two levels: one, upping the knowledge quotient and second, the soft skills required to manage students. With the Certification program, eMaester builds a network of high-quality teachers who are a very integral part of the Education ecosystem. The certification course can be availed at an affordable fee.

Furthermore, eMaesters trainers are part of a larger community of teachers, where educators get opportunities to interact and learn from each other. eMaesters have a steady flow of students and have the required Content and technology support needed for teaching. The strong growth of ufaber is being driven by the expert team of eMaesters who are trained to be Subject Matter Experts.

“Special efforts are taken to keep the training modules updated to ensure high quality training; refresher courses are conducted once every 2 months for both certified trainers as well as individuals still in training”, says Maathangi Iyer, Spokesperson for the eMaester programme. She further added, “Just like a UPSC examination is a headstart for A class government jobs, eMaester opens a window of opportunities as an Online Teacher. eMaester Certification program is designed for those who want to build competencies as Communication Specialist and to secure and grow their career in this path.”