With the pandemic pushing students and parents to online learning, Brainly becomes the most-visited Edtech platform in India

New Delhi: With 320 million students affected in India alone, the schools lockdown has played a major role in attracting new users to online learning. Brainly, the world’s largest online learning platform for students, parents and teachers has achieved a feat in emerging as the most popular EdTech platform in India. According to the data by SimilarWeb last week, Brainly registered the maximum website traffic in April with approximately 25.05 million visits constituting 4.19% of the Indian edtech traffic.

A favourable growth has consolidated the EdTech platform’s leadership position in India vis-a-vis other e-learning platforms such as Udemy, Jagranjosh, Byju’s and Coursera, etc. Brainly has also registered an increase in its Indian user base to 25 million. This could be accredited to their knowledge-sharing ‘community learning’ model and strong international presence.

Michał Borkowski, CEO and Co-Founder of Brainly says, “Recent weeks have been especially challenging for students, parents and teachers. What we’ve observed is a rapid shift towards online learning across the whole world. I believe this development will catalyze the penetration of EdTech in India, as well as other countries, and will make the best tools and platforms stay with us even after the pandemic is gone. Now more than ever, the support with learning from home that Brainly provides proves its worth for millions of Indian families.”