With The Return Of The Office Life, How To Stay Creative?

Many people were lucky to experience work from home in a lockdown. According to a survey published by an Open University, during the lockdown, 61% of the participants in the survey engaged in some form of creativity. Most of the participants engaged in reading for pleasure, cooking and even knitting and photography. Online courses saw a record registration increase by 622%. With the world going back to normal and busier, one might wonder how to keep creativity alive. If you are having a hard time staying creative, the following tips will help you in keeping the creative practice alive. 

1. Know why you are indulging in the creative practice

Many people engage in creative aspects because it makes one feel good and in addition to it, creativity keeps life interesting and fun. However, the problem is that if you treat creativity as simply a fun activity, you might dismiss it. Changing the perspective in this scenario can be helpful. One can look at the creative practices as taking care of oneself which will allow you to prioritize it. 

2. Make creativity a part of your identity

When a task is identified simply as a hobby, it gets difficult to make time for it as the justification for it is considered very shallow. However, if the creative aspect is embedded in the identity, it becomes far easier to justify making time for it. For instance, if you are into Mehndi Design, you can identify yourself as an artist and it will be much easier to engage in other artistic activities. 

3. Creativity can be engraved in any activity

Creativity is not a job title and therefore, one has the freedom to include creativity in all aspects of your life. For instance, if you are a student working on a project that requires you to write Hindi Status, you can engage your creativity not only in the writing but in the formatting section too. 

4. Push yourself into trivial creativity 

It is recommended to take a nudge from trivial activities to include your creativity which might require you to unpair socks or even organize the cutlery to make it more organized. In addition to that, you can also try using your non-dominant hand for doing easy things. 

5. Make time for your creativity

Do you want to engage in creativity but are unable to make time for it? Business is an illusion and it is all about priority. Engage any time that you spend on non-productive activities in bringing your creative side alive. It is very difficult to find free time for engaging in creative aspects and one will have to consciously schedule time for such activities and weekends are a perfect time to schedule creative activities.

6. Keep the commitment realistic

It is hard to stick to over-enthusiastic commitments like a plan to engage in a creative aspect two hours after work. Before making such commitments, it is essential to ask oneself whether one will be left with the energy for it? Engaging in creative aspects once or twice a week is pretty realistic for most of the working population and sometimes, even this is sufficient. 

7. Be consistent

When you schedule your creative activities once or twice a week, it will become a habit. It is very important to maintain consistency if you really want to make it a habit. It is always a good idea to start from the beginning if you miss a day or two after analyzing why you derailed. 

8. Banish anxiety and guilt

Engaging in creative activities should be relaxing instead of being guilt-ridden. If you ever come across thoughts saying that it is unimportant and you should be doing other important thoughts. Banish the negative thought by using the affirmation that creativity is helping you to nourish your soul and therefore, it is as important as any other task. 

9. Try joining a community

Sometimes a lone wolf might get demotivated and in such a situation, the support of a community can be immensely helpful in continuing the journey. There are plenty of creative groups in different platforms which one can join to stay motivated. 

10. Try different things

If you are still wondering what your passion is and you haven’t figured it out, now is the time to try your hands on different things and discover your passion. Once you find the passion, the inspiration and motivation to engage yourself in it will come from within.