WizKlub launches ‘Beautiful Minds’ Community portal for engaging kids this summer

Bengaluru: WizKlub, a cognitive development ed-tech startup that builds future skills for school children, has launched ‘Beautiful Minds’ community to make kids develop skills while having fun exploring new hobbies this summer (April-June). These summer engagements are of varied types like workshops, fun shows, family quizzes, stimulating webinars and many more. Apart from these daily live engagements of 45-90 mins, the portal offers self-do workouts for kids to develop Higher Order Thinking Skills like critical thinking, problem solving and logical thinking. The portal also offers an exciting Tech Creator simulation environment that helps kids explore the exciting world of creating Tech Products.


The workshops are designed for kids to have fun and nurture a thinking mind – The ‘Wonder Why Webinars’ are designed for curiosity building and exploration in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), ‘How To Workshops’ are fun-filled workshops focusing on performance & visual arts (music, theatre, dance, art & craft), communication skills and smart tricks in areas like mental calculations, memory techniques. The ‘Thematic Quiz with Family’ is where the whole family can participate to answer questions on logic, reasoning and technology. Another interesting aspect of the “Beautiful Minds” community portal is the periodic online championships and events to demonstrate skills and win certificates and prizes.


Amit Bansal, Founder & CEO, WizKlub, said, “We are excited to launch the Beautiful Minds community programme that will offer a plethora of options for the kids to choose from depending on their area of interest. With the aim to build holistic minds for a beautiful future we have organized programs that enhance cognitive capabilities of the participants. This summer, we recommend that children should explore diverse interest areas, and at the same time also invest to develop one core deep-skill in the area of Higher Order Thinking or Tech Creator skills.”


These summer engagements are available on WizKlub web app platform. WizKlub online programs are empowering students across the world and have delivered over 100,000 hours of personalized learning to young students across the world.


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