Why Women Should Go For A Term Insurance Plan?


Women- A beautiful yet strong person who is able to deal with various challenges of life easily.

A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water. – Eleanor Roosevelt. – Yes, this statement completely define a woman. Still, a lot of people still take women as a weak section of society, well they should change their thinking as women become the strong section of the society who is displaying her progress in all sections whether it professional or personal women is always presenting her reputation strongly.

Most women will agree to be happy because of being independent which makes them even stronger. To live in this world it is important for a woman to be strong whether it is mentally or physically. And to beat various challenges of life, it is important to have a comprehensive life insurance which can stand strongly in every needful stage of life. Women should also invest in a life insurance plan for the complete security and safety of family as well. It is true that a life insurance plan will not keep you alive but the financial assistance that it offers will help your family in living or maintaining the standard of living.

Why Term Insurance Plans?

Term insurance is basically a form of life insurance plans that provide the death benefits so that the family of the insured can have a stable life even after the demise of the insured. A few people think that it doesn’t offer any bene fit to the insured. But have you ever thought that you are currently earning, for whom? Is everything is for yourself only, No and the fact is that you earn for your family, their happiness and their stability in life and don’t want any mishappening Thus to secure such happiness, it is always advisable to go for a term insurance plan. It will provide the required financial assistance to your family. In case of demise, your nominee or the beneficiary will get the death benefits. Apart from this basic cover, you will get additional benefits on paying a nominal premium that will help you to stand even more strongly.

Benefits of a Term Insurance Plan for Women:

There are various benefits of term insurance plans for women such as

Monthly Income: In case of an accident, the company will be liable to pay according to the company’s terms and conditions. The plan also carries an option of income under which the company will pay a specific amount on a regular basis that will be a fixed percentage of the insured.

Critical Ill Health: Critical illnesses have become quite common in today’s world and to fight against the same required sufficient funds in your hands. So with a term insurance plan rider, you will get coverage against critical illness plan as well. Don’t forget that your normal basic health plan will not cover critical diseases. So check it before taking the final decision.

Double Sum Assured: In a case of accidental death where you opt for the double sum assured then it will augment the sum assured by two times. Yes, this offers double benefits. On adding this conventional rider the company will pay double of the sum insured to the nominee.

Special Disability/Disease Rider: This is an effective rider that offers coverage against disability and serious diseases such as cancer for a particular time frame. In a few term insurance policy, the nominee gets a payout more than that of the sum assured in case of death of the insured or any disability that takes place because of the accident.


The intention of buying a term insurance policy is all about safeguarding your family and dependents from unwanted financial complexity in case of your demise. To get the best one today, you must take help of an online insurance web ggregator such as PolicyX. Stop thinking like being a woman you don’t need a term insurance plan, if you are earning for your family or play an important role then it is must for you to buy it today to get a secured future.