Women’s College students get scholarships

Aligarh: Six undergraduate students of the Women’s College, Aligarh Muslim University were awarded the Badar Jehan Memorial Scholarships 2020 for a period of three years in a special function held on a video conference platform.

They are Tazeen Junaid, Shifa Rani, Ifra Manzoor, Aisha Irshad, Naghma Khan and Musarrat Jahan.

Distributing the scholarships, Dr Syed Masarrat Ali (Chair, Sir Syed Higher Education Society-Boston, USA) urged the scholarship recipients to stay competitive, resilient and to take advantage of the guidance from alumni.

Saad Hameed (Training and Placement Officer-General), Mansoor Alam Siddiqui (Training and Placement Officer-Women’s College) and Huma Khan (Australia based alumna) also encouraged students to work hard.

These scholarships are specifically for the students of Women’s College and funded by the family of late Mrs BadarJehan, a 1952 graduate of the Women’s College.

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