Work- Based Learning Training on Web Development and Graphic Design

Gaza: Within the framework of the project “Developing Digital skills and Education for Sustainable Development through Distance Learning in Palestine”, funded by Japan, UNESCO Ramallah and the Ministry of Education launched two training programs on Web Development and Graphic Design on 24 February. The training, using the Work-based learning (WBL) approach, aimed to equip students with digital, technical, business and transversal skills needed for employment and sustainable development. It targeted 32 youth, including -17 female and 15 male, from Gaza over 50 training hours.

Engineer. Saied Jad Alhaq, Director General from MoE emphasized: “this is an essential training as it will allow youth to gain digital and the 21st century skills, which are necessary for their future employment.”

UNESCO Ramallah’s Education Unit supports the Ministry of Education in achieving its TVET goals through the establishment of two vocational units for Web Development and Graphic Design in Gaza and through conducting an awareness campaign. The campaign will raise awareness and strengthen TVET as a public endeavor and common good, in order to unlock the potential in every youth to contribute to a collective well-being of Palestine. To ensure sustainability, UNESCO is planning through its project “TVET4Future” to implement different activities including capacity building, hackathon, bootcamp and innovation hubs with a focus on Green TVET, entrepreneurship, transversal and 21st century skills.


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