Work continues with the Prionezhsky region

As part of the activities of the roadmap with the Prionezhsky region, the staff of the Scientific Library of PetrSU prepared video lectures for students in schools.
Files of video lectures of the head of the department of informatization of library processes Marina Gennadievna Baiduzh “Electronic library of the Republic of Karelia” and the leading bibliographer Evgenia Sergeevna Kuikina “Rare books from the fund of the Scientific Library of PetrSU” were transferred to Olga Vladimirovna Kapkova, chief specialist of the department of education and social development of the Prionezhsky district, and sent to schools district.

Classroom hours with watching video lectures will be spent with students.

The preparation and transmission of video lectures is organized within the framework of the implementation of the Cooperation Agreement between PetrSU and the Prionezhsky District of the Development Program of the flagship university.

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