Workshop: Development of the Policy Framework on Namibian research outputs and Journal Accreditation

About 30 stakeholders from academia, government and NGOs attended the first consultation workshop on the development of the policy framework on Namibian Research outputs and Journal Accreditation from 27-28 October 2021 in Otjiwarongo.


The consultation jointly organized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation (MHETI) and National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) aimed to exchange information to support the development of the policy.


An Interim National Steering Committee was established by MHETI to provide expert advice and drive the development of the policy on Namibian Research outputs and Journal Accreditation.


To facilitate the monitoring and reporting on the 2017 UNESCO Recommendation on Science and Scientific Researchers, a data collection tool developed by NCRST was used to collect data from the researchers on the current Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) research climate.


UNESCO supports the strengthening of national STI systems and governance.


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