Workshop held on personality development

ALIGARH: Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre (INC), Aligarh Muslim University, organized a workshop “Present Like a Pro”, on effective presentation and communication.

Eminent personality development experts and trainers during their address explained skills for powerful presentation and communication.

Welcoming the participants and experts Dr Mohammad Azhar Aziz (Director, Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre) stressed the need for developing presentation skills. Professor Parvaiz Talib (Department of Business Administration) shared his thoughts on presentation skills. In his presentation, Prof. Talib mentioned that content, coherence, expression, courtesy and completeness are some of the important points that should be kept in mind before a presentation. He also encouraged participants to prepare a three minute short presentation and provided valuable feedback.

Later, Professor Nazia Hasan (Women’s College, AMU) presented an informative talk on “Honing the Communication Skills for Self-empowerment” while Dr Farasha Sama (Convener) shared her ideas for enhancing presentation skills using graphics and animation. An interactive session was also held on the occasion. Mohd Azam Raza, Mohd Arham Khan and Mohd Hatem were given certificates for the most active participants.

In his concluding remarks, Professor Absar Ahmed thanked the participants and hoped that they would take back the key learning from the workshop and use new skills to improve their research work.

Afsar Rizvi conducted the programme and proposed a vote of thanks. Nearly 100 students across the country participated and learned the various traits of personality building.