Workshop on ‘Application of ANSYS to Engineering Problems’


Aligarh: Prof M Muzammil, Chairman, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology (ZHCET), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) explained how ANSYS Multiphysics allows engineers and scientists to simulate the interaction between structural mechanics, heat transfer, fluid flow, acoustics and electromagnetics in a unified simulation environment.

He was speaking in the inaugural function of the week-long, online workshop on ‘Application of ANSYS to Engineering Problems’ of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

In the welcome address, Prof Muzammil elucidated the limitless possibilities with the application of ANSYS.

“ANSYS breaks design and mission boundaries and gives engineers the power to see how their ideas will perform against millions of variables”, he added.

Giving a brief of the workshop, Dr Mohammad Asif said: “Academic experts from AMU, the Macquarie University of Australia and various Indian Institutes of Technologies conducted technical and hands-on-training sessions.

Prof Syed Fahad Anwer spoke on ‘Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)’, Dr Shahid Husain delivered hands-on sessions on ‘Computational Geometry and Mesh Generation’ and ‘Solution Methodology and Post Processing’, Dr Javad Mohammadpour (School of Engineering, Macquarie University, Australia) explained ‘CFD Simulation on the Shell and Tube Cooling Heat Exchangers using Ansys/Fluent’, Md Kalamuddin Ansari (IIT Bombay) delineated ‘Problem on Flameless Combustion for Gas Turbine Engine’, Talha Mujeeb discussed ‘Problem on Computational Modelling for Multiphase Flow’ and Mohd Tousif (IIT Madras) gave an outline on ‘Problem on Pyrolysis of Coal Combustion’.

Dr Faisal Talib Professor and Ateeb Ahmad Khan coordinated the workshop, while Dr Muhammed Muaz extended the vote of thanks.


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